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In-Wash® Roca is an innovative WC with technology for personal hygiene that provides a total cleaning, comfort and care thanks to an integrated nozzle that takes water to the most sensitive areas. Self-cleaning before and after each use, the nozzle provides two types of cleaning, anal and perineal, allowing the adjustment of both its position and the water pressure and temperature to offer a custom-made experience. A thorough cleaning completed by the drying function, with adjustable temperature, ensuring the maximum respect and balance in a highly sensitive area.

Easy to use
The interface of its remote control is so intuitive than just after one operation, the user will be able to understand its functioning perfectly. As a complement to the remote control, In-Wash® Roca also features a side panel to regulate the basic cleaning and drying functions in a simple way.

Total hygiene
The integrated nozzle cleans itself before and after each use and the water flowing through it undergoes a filtering process that treats it before being used. Moreover, the tip of the nozzle is removable, allowing a manual cleaning and disinfection in an easy way.

Reliable design
In-Wash® Roca features a presence sensor that blocks the cleaning and drying functions while the seat is free, avoiding its accidental activation. Moreover, the LED light in its side panel can be programmed to stay on for 8 hours, to be a guide in the middle of the night.

Easy installation
In-Wash® Roca has been designed to become a key element in the modern bathroom. For this reason, its installation just requires a water outlet and a conventional power connection.

Maximum safety
Safety is ensured with In-Wash® Roca due to its materials of the utmost quality and to the compliance of all EU standards and regulations.

Universal design
Its soft curves, its minimalist design and its simple geometry turn In-Wash® Roca into a product that adapts perfectly to the interior design of any bathroom space, meeting the individual needs of people, regardless of their lifestyle.

                   Remote control                                        Side panel


                                             Removable nozzle      


                  Presence sensor                                          Night light


                                      Wall-hung In-Wash® Roca      


Welcome Smart Toilet

With 100 years of experience, Roca continues to lead the way in the development of bathroom products and solutions all around the world and is now revolutionising the bathroom space with the new In-Wash® Smart Toilet.