5 steps to remodelling your bathroom

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? We provide advice on what you need to take into account.

If you are about to embark on the bathroom design journey, it’s likely that you’ve made endless calculations, read hundreds of magazines, browsed many websites and asked for several estimates. It is an exciting opportunity to redefine the character of an important part of your home, but a quality bathroom renovation also brings significant costs with it. The end result needs to be something that you can be proud of and that will last many years.

So, you’ve finally made the decision to redesign your bathroom and now you need some basic guidelines to help you define the style and functionalities to include…

Bathroom renovation with Roca products


You might be designing a completely new space, or perhaps you will be renovating a space that already exists. In both cases, it’s always a good idea to design your future bathroom as if it was a blank canvas. Take measurements and sketch up a plan. Imagine how you would use the space and what suits your needs best. Be creative with different layouts.

Also bear in mind that there are design tools like Roca’s 3R bathroom planner, which makes it easier for you to envisage and design the bathroom of your dreams in minutes. With functionalities similar to professional programmes, access to the extensive catalogue of Roca products and an easy-to-use interface, 3R allows you to simulate the result of your design and to obtain an approximate estimate of the cost of the products. Very clever!

3R The Bathroom Planner


Now that you have decided to renovate your bathroom, you should also think about innovative products that will be beneficial to your pocket in the long term. Opting for solutions that use less water and energy doesn’t only show that you care for the environment, but it’s going to have an impact on your monthly bills.

For example, dual flush cisterns and thermostatic brassware (taps and showers) are intelligent and simple solutions for responsible use of water. If you like cutting-edge design, why not choose a solution such as the W+W by Roca, a revolutionary concept which combines basin and WC in one single piece, filtering the water from the hand basin to reuse it to flush of the WC toilet.

When it comes to energy consumption, innovative thermostatic showers are designed not to exceed the default temperature of 38º C. Another money-saving option is the Cold Start technology integrated in the single-lever basin mixers. This activates only the cold water initially, avoiding the unnecessary operation of the boiler, thus allowing you to reduce your gas or electricity bill without you even realising it depending on the heating system you have installed.

L90 faucet with Cold Start technology


This is one of the eternal dilemmas in any bathroom design, and rightly so. Depending on your design style, there is an extensive range of modern and classic baths to choose from. If you don’t have enough space for a separate bath and shower, a clever combination might be the way forward. Alternatively, you can opt for a hydromassage column, helping you turn the shower space into a relaxing haven, when needed.

When choosing a shower tray, remember that there are many more options available than the traditional vitreous china shower tray. Nowadays you can find innovative materials such as Stonex® by Roca with its textured, slip-resistant surface which can also be cut to size. Seamless design at its best!


This is perhaps one of the most important but often overlooked aspects of a bathroom remodel, and one that you will most definitely be grateful for, if designed well. Think carefully about the space and your everyday needs. Do you live alone or do you have a family? Do you need ample storage space or do you prefer a minimal look? You will find options that fit your every need in Roca’s bathroom furniture collections: the roomy capacity of a 3 drawer Victoria unit, the structured organisation of the Prisma collection or the minimalist design of Inspira furniture. You can also find other options which incorporate elements of technology such as the Stratum-N bathroom furniture with Bluetooth® speakers. Innovation that will transform your bathroom experience forever!


Finally, one of the elements of design that will add the most character and personality to your bathroom is your choice of wall and floor tiles. Before making a decision, think carefully about the style you wish to bring to the design. Today there are hundreds of choices and many cost-effective ceramic tile solutions available – some designs even look like marble or natural wood… Be bold with your choices!