Antibacterial toilet seats, the most hygienic option for your WC

Discover the material Supralit® - making cleaning easier!

A bathroom that is easy to clean means maximum hygiene. Roca have developed the material Supralit® with this in mind. Supralit® is a material that’s characterised by its soft outlines and smooth texture. The durability of the material means that it can be produced with different thicknesses across the same piece – the soft round shapes eliminate the angles and corners where dirt might build up, which is particularly helpful for areas like WC seats and covers. Learn more about Supralit® and how it can transform your bathroom cleaning below!


Cleaning your bathroom is unlikely to be one of your favourite activities, especially when it comes to areas such as the WC, which are especially exposed to germs and bacteria. To make your life and cleaning routine easier, Supralit® resin features an antibacterial treatment that eliminates microbes. Supralit® also has minimal porosity, which prevents the build-up of impurities on the surface. For the most hygienic toilet seat with excellent designs, choose Supralit® WC covers from the Inspira, Beyond, Carmen, Hall and Debba Round collections which have been innovatively developed for enhanced cleanliness.

When you clean your bathroom, two unavoidable elements are the bidet and WC seats and covers, especially exposed to both germs and bacteria. From now on you won’t need to worry about their hygiene because the Supralit® resin features an antibacterial treatment that eliminates microbes from the Roca WC seats. And if this were not enough, their minimum porosity has been conceived to remove all kinds of impurities from their surface, in perfect combination with their soft shapes that suppress any corner where dirt might build up. And for additional peace of mind, buying WC covers of the Inspira or Beyond collection is always the right thing to do, because they are the result of an innovative development that reinforces even more the cleanliness of the WC.


In addition to being an antibacterial toilet seat and easy to clean, Supralit® WC covers are incredibly resistant to both UV light and the most diverse chemical agents. The material formula of Supralit® not only guarantees the highest levels of performance durability, but also gives us new design possibilities, as seen in the WC from the Beyond collection. Combining design, hygiene and unbeatable longevity – perfect for a modern bathroom!


Manufactured in a durable composite of exclusive minerals and resins, Supralit® WC seats are engineered with a soft-close system which both eliminates noise and protects your product by avoiding the continuous replacement of buffers. Supralit® WC covers are also extremely easy to install!