Brighten up your bathroom with an illuminated circular mirror

Illuminated mirrors and magnifying mirrors for every bathroom.

A circular bathroom mirror offers a pleasing visual contrast to straight lines in the bathroom, and introduces an organic element. Choose a round model with a magnifying mirror or adjustable lighting, and discover the difference a good-quality mirror can make to your daily routines.

Iridia: a sophisticated round bathroom mirror with light

Available in two circular dimensions, Iridia is a bathroom mirror with perimeter lighting. The light intensity is easily adjustable by pushing one of two concealed buttons. The other button controls a demister device that works to keep your bathroom mirror clear. To save energy, the demister is programmed to automatically turn off an hour after activation.

Luna: a minimalistic round bathroom mirror

For a more traditional look, round mirrors from the Luna collection are a versatile and elegant option. Inspired by the glow of the full Moon, Luna brings a sense of freshness and an uplifting energy to the bathroom. There are two different dimensions available for round Luna mirrors, so you can pick the size that best suits your bathroom.

Magnifying mirrors: For a different perspective

Having a magnifying mirror in your bathroom can be extremely helpful and time-saving. From the Luna collection is a cabinet mirror that has a circular integrated magnifying mirror, so that you can switch easily between different views. Another option is a wall mounted magnifying mirror. From the Hotel 2.0 collection (specifically designed to be adaptable to any space), is a wall mounted magnifying mirror with an articulated arm, so that you can angle it to exactly where you need it.