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Do you need to design your bathroom space? Do you need to save water? Or design a bathroom for many people? Or a space you will need when you get older? At Roca we believe there are no complex problems but custom-made solutions for everyone. For this reason we have added all our experience to these tips which can be adapted to any project.

Bathroom with Roca products
Tips5 steps to remodelling your bathroom
If you are thinking of redefining your bathroom space, we provide the essential information you need to take into account.
T-2000 thermostatic faucet
TipsFind the Best Thermostatic System for your Bath and Shower
Life is already complicated enough, install solutions that help you enjoy it more and better.
Bathroom with Roca products
TipsBath vs. shower… or both!
Both solutions define bathroom spaces in which our well-being and safety come first.
Toilet and cistern in one piece
Simplicity, aesthetics and easy installation join in one single piece.
Faucet with Cold Start technology by Roca
In Roca┬┤s new generation of Cold Start faucets the front opening is exclusively reserved for cold water, avoiding an unnecessary waste of energy.
Bathroom with Roca products
TipsRemodel your Bathroom with New Ideas
Are you renovating your bathroom? We can explain all you need to know before getting down to business to make the most of your investment.
Small bathroom with Roca products
TipsLess is much more
Even if you do not have a large bathroom, there is space for everything you need. There are countless solutions and ideas to make the most of it.
Terran Stonex shower tray
TipsHow to choose the best type of shower tray
The shower space is always limited by the shower tray. For this reason, the correct choice is one of the keys to succeed in the renovation of any bathroom.
Faucet with Cold Start technology
TipsTips for choosing your faucets
Technology evolves constantly to offer products with a better performance, higher energy efficiency and a more sustainable nature. Discover below some of the factors to take into consideration when choosing your faucets with the greatest benefits you may find in the market today.