Countertop basins: choose the right shape for your bathroom

Your perfect countertop basin is out there and waiting to be discovered.

With that elegant boutique-hotel look, over countertop bathroom basins are a modern and innovative option. The shape of the bowl, combined with the base countertop material, gives you lots of opportunities to get creative with your design. Whether you want a round countertop basin or a silhouette of angular lines, over countertop basins are a striking, stylish choice for your bathroom.

Alter: An over countertop basin with or without a shelf

As mentioned above, the charm of an over countertop basin is not only the basin itself. For many, the functional surface area around the basin that the countertop provides is an important factor. The Alter is an unquestionably attractive basin, and if surfaces for your toiletries is your thing, it’s a basin that has the added bonus of space either side of the tap – a feature available for both circular and rectangular variations.


Beyond: Over countertop with a splash of colour

With a choice of two dimensions and six possible finishes, the Beyond basin showcases vitreous china in all its splendor. As well as the resistance of Fineceramic®, the Beyond range gives you the opportunity to have an over countertop basin in a colour of your choosing and give your bathroom that something extra. The Beyond basin has sophisticated lines and is available as a rectangular or square basin in White, Off White, Pearl, Beige, Coffee or Onyx.

Beyond Onyx

Inspira: Customised over countertop basin

The Inspira collection, designed in Fineceramic® with a minimalist look, offers over countertop basins in three different shapes, all with incredibly thin (yet strong!) edges: Round countertop basins, Square (angular) and Soft (with soft contours). You can choose from two different dimensions depending on the space available in your bathroom and your preference.


Savana: A countertop that brings nature indoors

As its name suggests, the Savana countertop has been inspired by nature. Available in exposed Textured City Oak (where the wood’s natural grains are visible,) or in White gloss, the texture and aesthetic of a Savana countertop is a great companion for a variety of basins, including Diverta, Khroma, Hall, Sofia and Alter. Savana is available in a range of lengths between 600 and 1400mm, and is extraordinarily resistant to water and humidity.