Explore our bathroom styling tips

We guide you through five timeless bathroom looks.

When styling your bathroom, you don’t have to opt for beige in order to create a space that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re a minimalist or prefer an eclectic look, we believe everyone deserves a bathroom that works with you and your style perfectly. If you need a little assistance and inspiration, read on to find a selection of timeless, yet far from bland, bathroom styling ideas.

A touch of class with modern bathrooms

There are so many choices when it comes to contemporary bathroom styles, giving you a chance to embrace your own individual style. Unique shapes and exquisite finishes will help you create a sophisticated space, without being too trend-led in your bathroom styling. If you’re open to new and innovative ideas, modern bathrooms offer a plethora of materials, functions and clever solutions to choose from – some of which will even help you save water and energy!

The classic: vintage-inspired bathrooms

Although heritage designs nod back to another time, today’s classic bathrooms take all the elegance and refined details of the past and combine them with modern functionalities and innovations. This bathroom style usually includes ornate shapes, often combining chrome with white, and details on handles and levers, creating a timeless look perfect for Victorian and Edwardian properties.

Mediterranean-style décor

A Mediterranean style bathroom offers you an eternal summer! Contrasting fresh, bleached colour schemes typical of sunny coastal villages, with warmer colours and rich material choices like wood, make for a beautiful mediterranean feel. To help achieve this gorgeous bathroom style, combine blue and white textiles with tiles in white, blue, aqua or turquoise colourways, together with rustic details such as exposed wooden beams.

The pureness of minimalist bathrooms

Decorating a bathroom does not just mean filling the space to its capacity. Simple beauty can be found in leaving empty space. By opting for a combination of clean lines and good quality materials when you select your bathroom pieces, a minimalist bathroom can still feel complete and warm. The addition of different shapes and muted colours will create interest whilst keeping the space calm.

Giving your bathroom an exotic touch

Let Mother Nature be your inspiration, filling your bathroom space with a natural energy. Vivid colour choices combined with wood, real plants and lots of daylight, can transport you to a faraway paradise. To bring this look to your space, dare to add large exotic plants or perhaps a nature-inspired statement wall into your bathroom styling.