With our busy modern lives, how does it feel to retreat into a space where you can stop, shut out the noise, and have the sensation of time standing still?

The minimalist trend is the antithesis of our fast-paced lives which often prevent us from slowing down and simply feeling. Fortunately, Roca recognises this and has been one of the pioneers of the minimalist bathroom. This style is based on extreme simplicity, clean lines, and a delicate balance of shapes. With purity at the very heart of the style, the minimalist look is inspired by the classic past as well as Japanese Zen philosophy.

Minimal bathroom with Roca products

With simplicity as a premise, minimalism is a way of understanding spaces, where each curve and each profile counts. When it comes to minimalist bathroom ideas, Roca presents two collections which contrast serenity and character – Inspira and Element. The two styles present very different ways of creating a minimalist bathroom with personality.

In the minimalist style, purity is the real key of style

Inspira collection

Inspira collection with minimal style

Let your imagination run free with Roca’s Inspira collection, a blank canvas with versatility at its core. Available in three options – Round, Soft and Square – its clean lines adapt easily to different bathroom solutions and styles.

Inspira features extremely fine, delicate and light basins in Fineceramic®, a ceramic material that is 40% lighter and 30% more resistant than other traditional compounds.

Element collection

Element collection with minimal style

If you prefer something with a more daring personality, but with a similar commitment to the minimal way of living, look no further than Roca’s Element collection, featuring bold designs with an inspiring combination of modernity and character. Throughout this collection, designed by Sir David Chipperfield, elementary profiles and shapes combine in basins, toilets, bidets and baths, with definition and style.