A new type of WC offering flexibility and easy installation

Based on the principles of efficiency and flexibility, one of the most revolutionary innovations from Roca is the development of the first-ever tankless toilet – a wall and floor-mounted WC without a separate cistern or flush system. In-Tank from Roca is a completely new type of toilet, integrating everything into the WC itself.

Achieving the streamlined look of a concealed cistern without actually having to build a cistern or a flush plate into the wall, this innovation brings a new level of flexibility and ease to bathroom projects. Available in both wall-hung and floor-mounted versions, the tankless In-Tank is an all-in-one solution which greatly simplifies the installation process and maintenance.

Allowing for greater flexibility when planning a bathroom layout, the In-Tank gives you the possibility to place a (wall-hung) WC in tricky spots such as on a low partition wall or underneath a window frame.

In-Tank from Roca

Instead of a cistern, the water is stored within the pan itself, in a space that would otherwise be hollow, allowing the piece to keep the shape of a standard WC. The flush mechanism works with an innovative and patented air injection technology, Soft Air, developed by Roca. The press of a flush button activates an air pump which propels water from the internal water tank into the WC bowl, achieving a normal flush – highly effective and discreetly quiet compared to a conventional WC flush.

The flush plate is positioned at the back of the pan, and the buttons on the lid can be positioned either on the left or on the right hand side – a truly integrated and flexible WC solution. Furthermore, In-Tank also helps you save water, thanks to its 4.5/3 litre dual flush.

In-Tank from Roca