Insignia: a collection of contemporary bathroom taps

Style and innovation, inspired by nature.

Throughout history, some of the most outstanding pieces of art have been inspired by nature. Similar to some of the best painters and sculptors, we believe that the design of bathroom spaces should draw inspiration from nature and flow organically. However, we also believe that bathrooms should incorporate the latest innovations and ensure functionality in line with your current lifestyle. This was how Insignia was born, a collection of contemporary bathroom taps combining nature and sophistication to suit your needs.

Natural integration

The Insignia bathroom taps are a modern reflection of nature: their classic side handle integrates harmoniously with the elegantly, yet contemporary, curved spout. You can choose from five different models for basins and three for baths or showers.


Energy efficiency

Thanks to Roca’s Cold Start® technology, all Insignia basin taps open to the right, always starting with cold water meaning your daily rituals that don’t require hot water can be carried out without unnecessarily activating the boiler, saving energy and therefore money!

Water saving

The Insignia taps for basins include a built in aerator in the spout which limits the flow to 5 litres per minute. This allows water consumption to be minimised without reducing the level of comfort. Thanks to the air injection, the aerator guarantees a plentiful, soft and bubbling water jet that also prevents splashing.

Comfort and safety

The thermostatic models of the contemporary Insignia bathroom tap collection include triple innovations exclusive to Roca for your comfort and safety: the Quick Reaction® technology provides water at the required temperature in just a few seconds, the Safe Touch® system prevents the tap from becoming hot on the outside, and with Security 38º, the default temperature of 38º is never unknowingly exceeded, preventing burns and saving energy.


More space

The Insignia thermostatic bath and shower valves are compatible with the RocaBox universal system, which makes installation faster for the installer by allowing them to be easily built-in behind the wall (with a minimum installation depth of just 70mm).


Always bright

Roca’s exclusive Evershine electrolytic coating guarantees a long-lasting shine and makes for easy cleaning of these contemporary bathroom taps.