Maximise your space with a small bathroom cupboard

Stylish storage solutions for all your bathroom essentials.

Whether it’s a place used by an individual or a space shared by the whole family, efficient storage is a crucial element to any successful bathroom. Our range of small bathroom cupboards and cabinets provide a home for bathing essentials of all shapes and sizes, from chunky towels to delicate toiletries. As well as their practical benefits, these highly adaptable auxiliary bathroom units can be used to enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

The column unit is perhaps the most popular type of bathroom storage furniture. Slim and elongated by design, bathroom columns make the most of vertical space. With a range of models, colours and finishes, columns are a great solution for those bulky bathroom items.

Small bathroom cupboards and cabinets that can be installed over basins or toilets, are a stylish and compact solution for bathrooms with less space.

Mirror cabinets are another great option for smaller bathrooms as their reflective surface will maximise the sense of space. Install them above the basin and keep soaps, toothbrushes and toothpaste just where you need them!


Storage doesn’t always mean ‘out of sight’. For the items in your bathroom you want on display – perhaps plants or other decorative pieces – we have a range of exposed bathroom shelving solutions.