Stylish exposed storage with a metal washbasin stand

Discover three units for basins, three ways to keep everything within reach.

Exposed bathroom storage allows you to display your best towels and objects, combined with design simplicity and maximum functionality by ensuring you have all your toiletries close to hand. In this article, we introduce our metal washbasin stands that will not only solve your storage needs, but will also provide your bathroom with style. Furthermore, due to their minimalist and open design, a washbasin stand can also create an illusion of spaciousness in the bathroom.


Carmen, the return of the vintage bathroom

Celebrating the revival of vintage styles in the bathroom, the evocative Carmen collection offers an open washbasin stand, reminiscent of yesteryear. Manufactured in elegant stainless steel, the structure for the vanity basin is wall-mounted while its two legs, which feature a sophisticated curved outline, rest on the floor. A metal washbasin stand with true grace and poise!

Measuring 800mm wide and 500mm deep, this alternative to a conventional furniture unit features a functional towel rail under the basin and a generous glass shelf, providing a sleek, unobstructed surface where you can clearly see and access your bathroom essentials with ease. With a bit of creative flair, why not play with the shapes, sizes, colours and materials of your containers to add a touch of style and elegance to your vintage bathroom?


Prisma, the most versatile simplicity

Versatility is key with the metal washbasin stand from the Prisma furniture collection. Stainless steel forms the base structure of this exposed storage solution which is mounted on four rectangular legs and is available in various sizes.

With five available widths, from 600mm through to 1200mm, Prisma allows you to combine the open bathroom cabinet with several basin options (countertop without a ledge, asymmetrical with space on the side, or the functional double vanity). All the options include a towel rail and a white shelf where you can place all of your personal items.

With so many options, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect metal washbasin stand to match your needs. These units exude a sense of purity and minimalism, whilst the exposed storage is both practical and great for creating an illusion of space in your bathroom!



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