The comeback of a classic – the bathroom mirror cupboard

Make the most of you bathroom with a space-enhancing cabinet mirror

Offering concealed storage space and maximising the spaciousness of your bathroom thanks to the magic of reflective surfaces, mirrored cabinets are a practical and aesthetic choice for any bathroom. Available in different shapes and sizes, with a range of features to suit every need and style, in this article we introduce you to a selection of bathroom cupboards with mirrors.

When space is limited

A mirrored cabinet can be the most effective way of creating an illusion of space in the bathroom. A greater sense of spaciousness will make performing bathroom rituals more relaxed and enjoyable. Mini is a mirrored cabinet which, as its name suggests, is compact and minimalist. With a single door and two internal shelves, the Mini mirrored cabinet is the perfect addition to a small bathroom in need for extra storage.

Brighten up your bathroom with mirrored cupboard with LED light

The Sol range of bathroom mirror cupboards are made of aluminium and have a sophisticated, slick, design appeal. Sol mirrored cabinets feature an external LED light, shaver socket and adjustable shelves, and are available in a variety of sizes. Sol Premium mirror cabinets go further, offering an internal light and built-in demister pads as well.

Take a closer look with mirror cabinets that also magnify

Sometimes you need a different perspective – sometimes you need to see things clearer. The Luna range of bathroom mirror cupboards include models with an integrated magnifying mirror. Inspired by the Moon as a source of light, Luna is a collection that represents balance and elegance, and is available in a selection of sizes.