With several different tasks taking place in one single space, the challenge is to find a way to make them all coexist in harmony.
Women sitting on a sofa

The bathroom is the one room in the house which affects every single member of the family. In other areas, such as the dining room, each person may have their own assigned seat. In bedrooms, everyone has their own personal space.

However, the bathroom is a space where all personalities intermingle, so how can we make it work for everyone? Having a versatile bathroom can be a dilemma, but here is list of suggestions from several households that face this challenge every day…



Josh, 30.

Bath time is that time of the day to relax and have fun with our baby. The bath is where we play and experience new sensations and where we practice and develop certain skills, such as mobility or balance. It’s always such a joy seeing her excitement when water flows over her head.

Roca bath for families


María, 35.

There should be plenty of storage available and everything should have its own place in the bathroom. Furniture units with drawers offer great storage, and organising boxes keep everything perfectly tidy. If you still need additional space, you could combine them with an auxiliary unit or a cabinet mirror for a complete solution – we recently refurbished our bathroom to include a column unit, and it’s made a big difference in terms of minimising clutter!

Roca base furniture with three drawers


Sally, 49.

With two teenage children, savings are a constant worry at home. The dual flush buttons on the operating plate helped me educate them from an early age, so that they were aware that water is a scarce resource and we need to be conscious about how much we use.

Roca operating plate with dual flush buttons


Jennifer, 41.

Until recently, we had to take turns in the bathroom to put on make-up, to shave, to wash our hands or to brush our teeth. Since we installed a double basin, congestion is a thing of the past and bathroom visits are now stress-free. Although we still run into each other during rush hour, we can now happily share the space without annoying each other!

Roca double basin for furniture


Richard, 35.

The soft-close system has given me peace-of-mind and I can relax knowing that the children will not trap their fingers when they close the drawers or lower the toilet seat. I also no longer have to worry that they might burn their fingers if they touch the taps while in the bath as the thermostatic brassware  does not heat up with the water temperature.

Roca thermostatic faucet for bath