With so many basin options – under counter basin, wall mounted basin, and more – we help you find the right one!

Find the option that suits you best.

The basin is a crucial part of your daily hygiene rituals, from early morning until last thing at night, so it’s important that it adapts to your specific needs. The design is essential, not only to provide character but also for better functionality in the bathroom. Roca presents seven different options – ranging from under countertop basins to wall mounted basins – each with its own unique benefits. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Under countertop basin

With this option, the under countertop basin is perfectly integrated, so that only the basin interior can be seen from above. A practical, seamless and easy to clean solution which allows you to use the entire single surface of the countertop to always keeping your toiletries to hand or keep clean and clear of clutter.

In countertop basin

You can achieve a subtle and elegant effect by sinking the basin into the countertop so only the edge is above it. This allows you to use the countertop to place the bathroom products you use most often. If this option appeals to you, take a look at our in countertop basins.


Over countertop basin

In this solution, the basin emerges completely and sits on the worktop, letting the shape and design of the vitreous china piece steal the show. This can offer more of a statement look and style with the basin as the hero of the wash station. Discover Roca’s over countertop basins. 

Semi-recessed basin

As its name suggests, this basin is partially, not totally, recessed. A similar option to the in countertop basin, with the difference that the semi-recessed basin is not fully recessed, but is installed slightly over the worktop, obtaining a more contemporary style.

Vanity basin

A convenient and comprehensive solution, where the basin forms a ‘slab’ to cover the whole surface of the furniture unit. This is a highly functional option, increasing the bathroom storage capacity and offering an easy to clean single surface in highly durable vitreous china. Roca offers a wide range of vanity basins.

Wall-hung basin

The classic wall mounted basin is ideal for small bathrooms or guest bathrooms, where you don’t require storage. This can be installed on its own with a bottle trap underneath or combined with a full or semi-pedestal to hide any pipework. At Roca we have a wide range of wall-hung basins.

Totem basin

Resting on the floor with a strong design and confident presence, these basins, also referred to as ‘freestanding basins’, are ideal for sophisticated urban-style spaces.

Discover Roca’s totem basins.