Every Drop Counts on #WorldWaterDay 2017


• "Why wastewater?" is the slogan chosen by United Nations for World Water Day 2017
• Roca’s We Are Water Foundation promotes the campaign #NoWalking4Water to raise awareness of the millions of women and children who have to collect water
• Investing in the reuse of water would result in energy savings of 90% and water savings of 70%

The United Nations (UN) has chosen wastewater as its theme for the annual World Water Day taking place on 22 March 2017. The campaign, which is entitled "Why wastewater?" is focussed on reducing and reusing wastewater.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 1.8 billion people around the world use a water source that is contaminated by faeces and 663 million people still lack access to drinking water. More than 80% of waste water is not treated at all and it is discharged into rivers and the sea. In this context, the UN intends to highlight the opportunities offered by waste water.

The treatment of waste water and its reuse is, without doubt, one of the key challenges for the future. According to the UN, it would be possible to reach energy savings of 90% and water savings of 70% by investing in the recovery and reuse of water.

Roca is supporting the campaign with events at its flagship showroom, Roca London Gallery on Wednesday 22 March.

Visitors can learn more about the challenge to conserve water, get involved with the social media campaign #NoWalking4Water and pick up a free Roca shower timer, challenging everyone to take a 4-minute shower and help save water in their home.

Roca is also working with SBID (Society for British and International Design) to offer a free CPD evening workshop for its members on the theme of specifying water efficient design for the hotel industry. The CPD will demonstrate the practical steps architects and designers can take to help reduce the strain on hotel’s water resources, without impacting on guest satisfaction.

SBID members can book a place by emailing: admin@sbid.org

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Every Drop Counts on #WorldWaterDay 2017

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