We share our best scandi bathroom design inspiration

Light colors, elements from nature and light – plenty of light!

The most comforting feeling of warmth can be found when it’s a refuge from the unforgiving and bitter cold. Keeping out the cold and embracing warmth is a Nordic specialty, and a Nordic-style bathroom provides an atmosphere of calm, cosiness and nurture. In a part of the world where daylight hours are scarce, we can learn a few tips from Scandinavian design for brightening up the bathroom.

By using light hues in the bathroom – for instance when choosing bathroom furniture – you can compensate for a lack of natural light. Colours and textures inspired by nature, will lift the atmosphere of the bathroom and bring a sense of optimism and wellbeing. The Nordic approach to design places emphasis on a concept known as hygge – an experience of cosiness, comfort and overall contentment. Minimalistic and thoughtful designs that are sensitive to the needs of the user, will help channel a comforting, Scandinavian, ambience to your bathroom, full of positive energy.

Brightness with light colors

Nordic style emerged as a reaction to scarcity of natural light in Northern European countries. At the beginning of the 20th century, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark set themselves the goal of increasing brightness in their homes, eliminating curtains from windows and using white as the primary colour. This permanent search for light, together with a particular consideration for wellbeing in the home, has developed into a unique design personality that uses soft and luminous hues to counteract the cold and dark days, creating interiors with an emphasis on light and warmth.

Surrounded with nature

Using light colours across the walls, teamed up with the whiteness of a ceramic basin and WC, is a great place to start, but for a truly Nordic-style bathroom there are other crucial elements that must be considered. The Danish concept ‘hygge’ revolves around creating experiences and environments which are cosy and have a warm atmosphere. There are several ways in which you can bring a sense of ‘hygge’ to your bathroom and introducing nature to a design in one of them. Opting for wooden floors and bathroom furniture is one way of bringing nature indoors, as are decorative elements based on plants and flowers. Our Heima, Prisma, Anima and Stratum furniture collections all have wooden finishes. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool, will also bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to the bathroom.

Organic lines and geometrical shapes

In Nordic-style decor, incorporating pure lines and handcrafted precision is another way to bring a sense of calmness to the space. Mimicking the natural world by mixing complex and simple shapes is also a useful trick. Choose basins and WCs with a minimalistic aesthetic, and try to combine geometrical with organic shapes, to get the look. Our Beyond, Inspira and Element collections all provide minimalist elegance.


If you’re looking to create a sense of hygge in your home, consider renovating your bathroom by taking inspiration from the Scandinavian style. Light colours, solid wood and natural finishes will bring that magical sense of cosiness to your bathroom. For the icing on the cake, add a few flickering candles around the bath before diving in!