Marcello Cutino

Marcello Cutino and the BCF seal are today considered an expression of truly Italian design.

BCF Design interprets forms whilst respecting function and emotive values. A way of understanding design that emphasises the timeless nature of the product above the ephemeral character of fashions. His partnership with Roca won Spain’s National Design Award for 2002 for the Vythos bathtub.



This collection opts for a style where the lines and shapes of organic inspiration define a space created to provide maximum comfort in each and every one of its details. Functionalism and intuition at the service of well-being in its most stylish and intelligent form.

New Classical

Its elegant and refined style conveys the sense of serenity and peacefulness associated with the classic atmospheres of bygone times. Designed by Marcello Cutino, its proportions are solemn and its details are timeless. A sound and quality collection designed to stay alive through the passage of time.


Traditional forms revitalised for the bathroom. This design line is defined by its classic bath concept, with gently curving and refined lines. A simple, sober, highly-versatile and unpretentious collection. The balance of a perfect finish for moments of well-being and relaxation.


This collection revitalises the concept of well-being with a simple, versatile and elegant proposal. Gentle forms that follow the natural contours of the body in a design where the essence of the purest forms prevails. The result is an assembly that adapts perfectly to any bathroom space.


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