Complete solutions for your bathroom

At Roca we offer comprehensive collections to help you design the bathroom space that best suits your style and needs.

Bathroom collections


Designed by Andreu Carulla, Tura is a complete bathroom collection shaped and inspired by architecture and the Mediterranean light. Tura is a game of volumes and voids, of light and shadows translated into elements for the bathroom. Innovation and sustainability can be found throughout the collection, from the design and technology to the use of recycled materials and plastic-free packaging.

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Simple as nature. Ona pays homage to the diverse shapes of nature from our native Mediterranean. It is functional without ever appearing cold, with crisp aesthetics that follow the inherent warmth of the natural environment, made for those who enjoy the power of silent landscapes.

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Three shapes, multiple combinations, ample possibilities. This vitreous china and furniture collection, with 3 design lines -Round (round), Soft (with soft angles) and Square (square)-, which can be perfectly combined, will bring life to bathroom spaces in any style.

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The Gap

The Gap collection provides a wide range of modern design options, including WCs, basins and bathroom vanity units to optimise any space. The extensive furniture range also includes perfect solutions for compact bathrooms as well base units for on countertop basins.

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The interplay of volumes defines one of Roca’s most exclusive vitreous china collections, for those who wish to take a step further in the search for innovation and design.

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Carmen is a tribute to one of Roca’s most iconic basins of the 1940s, which comes back with a clear vintage character to become a vitreous china and furniture collection with the latest innovations in the design of bathroom spaces.

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One single concept for a thousand solutions. One single concept to fulfil any need. The most versatile and global range.

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Furniture & basin solutions


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Optimise your bathroom storage space with the modern and versatile Aleyda bathroom furniture. Choose from vanity units with two or three drawers, five exciting finishes and various sizes, with contemporary integrated handles.

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Understated and practical, The Tenet bathroom furniture collection meets each and every bathroom storage need, without compromising on design and capacity. Available in five finishes and with different drawer and door configurations, Tenet vanity units also boast a discreet handleless design.

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The most versatile furniture solution for small spaces.

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Due to its floor installation, the drawers are larger than usual, which results in greater storage capacity. Its versions with asymmetrical basin offer a practical shelf to place the most frequently used toiletries. Its base, manufactured in damp-proof wood, prevents water penetration, hindering the appearance of humidity.

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Classic lines and delicate shapes combine in a traditional bathroom furniture collection with modern comforts. Romea calls on a romantic design style to create a warm and elegant bathroom space. Available as a Satin White or Matt Dark Grey bathroom vanity unit, as well as matching mirror options.

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Brassware collections


Nu faucet collection by Inma Bermúdez Studio is a timeless and fun collection that represents a purity of visual expression and a synthesis of essential design elements. Playing with colour and form in new and inventive ways, Nu allows for a whole personalization of the bathroom space.

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The essence of Cala's design is demonstrated in a slim body of only 38mm and its flat rectangular handle, in perfect harmony with the shape of the spout; the ultimate blend of visual elements combined for optimal proportion and style. This comprehensive collection features a range of basin taps, bath shower mixers and bidet options.

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With soft outlines and an extraordinary elegance and personality, its slim side handle makes the difference in a modern single-lever faucet ideal for bathrooms with a clear urban character.

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Committed to the perfection of a finish that whisks us away to a universe governed by technology. Angles, straight lines and planes follow one another in this collection. This collection is a singular style proposal, particularly recommended for those who love designs that are inspired by urban life.

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Character and sophistication join in this collection of faucets with a minimalist design, born out of a perfect combination of cylindrical and square geometric shapes.

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This faucet collection, which stands out for its elegance and versatility, includes flow limiters to 5 litres per minute as well as the Cold Start technology that guarantee greater water and energy savings. Also, with the aim of providing more comfort, the shower mixer can be equipped with a clip-on shelf, allowing you to have your showering essentials close to hand.

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Its monumental solid walls and minimalist lines show our new material SURFEX® from its best side. Perfectly suited to free positioning, it’s a highlight in every bathroom.

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Contemporary freestanding bath made from our exclusive Stonex® formulation which uses a selection of high-quality resins and minerals.

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The simplicity of this bath is beautiful. The oval shape and slender lines create a harmonious and calm space to enjoy. Created from our exclusive Stonex® formulation which uses a selection of high-quality resins and minerals.

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A retro model inspired in the past, which lets the imagination run wild and combines past eras with the very latest features and benefits.

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This collection opts for a style where the lines and shapes of organic inspiration define a space created to provide maximum comfort in each and every one of its details. Functionalism and intuition at the service of well-being in its most stylish and intelligent form.

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The interplay of volumes defines one of Roca’s most exclusive vitreous china collections, for those who wish to take a step further in the search for innovation and design.

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The Virginia freestanding bath, with its curved lines and subtle shapes, creates the perfect environment for a relaxing moment.

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Minimalism enters the bathroom and the environment of well-being. Simple, balanced and clean lines equip the bathroom with versatility and sobriety in one single piece full of personality. The result is an extremely elegant and adaptable proposal.

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Installing shower trays manufactured in Senceramic® not only allows you to experience all the benefits of an extra-slim design, it also invites you to enjoy different natural textures which are warm to the touch. The material Senceramic® is made of a unique mixture of high quality vitreous china and enamel, creating a textured finish in the production process. Not only are these shower trays beautiful to look at, the Senceramic® texture provides strong anti-slip properties.

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This is the innovative line that solves the need for integrated showers. It is a new concept that has opted for the accessibility and functionality of its constituent elements. In-Drain adapts to any style, without losing the elegant essence of its forms, versatility being optimum in all its proposals.

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A collection of shower columns with single lever (Deck-M) and thermostatic (Deck-T) options with a practical shelf to keep the showering essentials close by.

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Premium range of extraslim metallic shower-heads for wall or ceiling installation. Its Easyclean system prevents limescale build up.

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Roca’s T-1000 thermostatic mixers are designed for maximum safety and comfort for everyday use. The collection features a minimalist and modern design to ensure it will blend harmoniously into any setting.

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The best option whether to enjoy a relaxing or invigorating shower, depending on the time of day. This hydromassage column has an attractive design of pure lines and several options to control both the temperature and the water flow.

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Full range of shower-heads for wall or ceiling installation. Its Easyclean system prevents limescale build up.

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New shower columns featuring advanced materials that include thermostatic mixer, multifunction handshower and a big showerhead available in round and rectangular versions.

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A multi-function hand shower collection, with a round or square design and a new integrated button that allows you to easily switch between its three functions to obtain greater comfort when enjoying a shower.

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Bathroom accessories collections


With a neutral design, Tempo will suit any bathroom space. Free standing and wall-mounted options as well as different colour options, this collection is very versatile.

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An extensive accessories range with a functional and timeless design. Besides the installation with screws, Victoria allows an adhesive fixation system that prevents drilling and guarantees high resistance (up to 5 kg. of static load). The perfect suit for for private bathrooms, semi-public areas and public spaces, including solutions for people with reduced mobility.

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An alliance between simplicity, style and functionality. This collection has been designed to adapt to any space and requirement. Inspired by minimalist forms, it is characterised by its great versatility. It is a solution thought of for both small and large design projects, whether public or private.

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A range of accessories created to adorn with luxury and sophistication down to the last detail. In this collection, design, features and benefits all join forces to offer solutions of great quality and elegance, where comfort and convenience blend into each one of the finishes.

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Eidos is a collection of mirrors with LED perimeter lighting providing an elegant and minimalist look for any bathroom space.

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A luxurious collection with integrated LED lights creating an illuminated ambiance, perfect for those daily rituals.

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Balance and perfection in a design that gets its inspiration from the full Moon as a source of light and freshness. This collection is a versatile, young and urbane proposal that can adapt to any kind of design space, combining practicality, elegance and design.

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The intelligent LED spotlights collection. Its remote control allows a direct access to three different light scenarios: make-up, shaving and ambient. It also allows a customized progressive regulation of the light temperature and instensity.

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A collection carefully designed to support independant living for those with reduced or limited mobility. Focusing on ergonomic, versatile and sophisticated solutions for the bathroom space. Quality, functionality and design that prioritises wellness, comfort and convenience for all needs....

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The most versatile furniture solution for small spaces.

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An innovative urinal collection with a unique design that adapts to every corner and wall of public spaces.

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