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Roca, everything in bathrooms

We at Roca have spent over one hundred years assisting families and writing the story of their homes with them. We present different options to design your ideal bathroom space, whatever the desired style, you will find a solution for your needs.

Smart WCs

The new generation of Roca Smart Toilets, WCs with integrated water washing and drying functions for maximum hygiene and wellbeing.

Close coupled WCs

Roca close coupled WC's are floorstanding and synonymous with the highest quality thanks to our century-long experience in the production of vitreous china. Choose from a variety of WCs available in different designs and with the latest innovations to ensure the greatest savings and durability in your bathroom.

In-Tank WCs

In-Tank WCs are the first with no cistern, a new and unique WC concept designed by Roca, which integrates the water tank in the bowl itself, an efficient and highly aesthetic solution that optimizes the bathroom space.

Wall-hung WCs

Roca wall hung WCs, with a built-in cistern, provide a feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom and offer a visually lighter design. Moreover, they facilitate the cleaning of the floor by eliminating any corners where dirt might build up.

Back-to-wall WC's

Back-to-wall WCs can be combined with built in or high cisterns to optimize the visual space of your bathroom.


We supply a variety of WC cisterns which are designed specifically to go with our WCs. With styles from classic through to contemporary, there are also many options available including fully back to wall for a neat and tidy look for your project or reduced water flushing options for a sustainable choice.

WC seats and covers

Roca seats and covers for toilets and bidets are available in antibacterial materials to ensure maximum hygiene and with the soft-closing feature to avoid any blows.

Bidet covers

Roca bidet covers reach the inner surface of the bidet obtaining a more harmonious design and avoiding the build up of dirt in the bowl.

In-Wash ®

WCs with integrated water washing and drying functions. Maximum hygiene and wellbeing. Discover the new generation of Roca In-Wash® toilets.

Wall-hung basins

Roca wall-hung basins, also known as wall-mounted, are the ideal solution for small bathrooms or guest bathrooms that do not require much storage.

Over countertop basins

Roca on countertop basins are installed on the base unit or onto a countertop, letting the shape and design of the piece steal the show.

In countertop basins

Roca in countertop basins provide a subtle and elegant solution by sinking the basin into a countertop, so only the countertop edge is visible.

Under countertop basins

Roca under countertop basins can be perfectly integrated under a countertop, so that only the basin interior bowl is visible. A practical solution which allows you to make the most of the countertop and always have your toiletries to hand.

Semi-recessed basins

Roca semi-recessed basins are installed partially over the countertop, providing a more contemporary style.

Freestanding basins

Roca totem basins offer a robust design, with wall-hung and floorstanding options available, providing the ideal solution for spaces with an urban and sophisticated style.

Complementary basin products

Shelves, towel rails, pedestals and semi-pedestals to complement your Roca basins.

Vanity units & Furniture Packs

Roca vanity units offer beautiful and intuitive design, in a wide range of proposals for all styles and storage needs. Choose from our Unik basin and base unit combinations, or from the convenient Packs available in selected collections, that also include mirrors and lighting, for the ultimate in personal luxury.

Furniture for countertop basins

Roca base units adapt to a great variety of styles, providing the perfect space for our broad selection of countertop and in-countertop basins. Choose from furniture designs with doors, drawers, or create a feature with open storage to display your favourite objects.


Roca bathroom countertops for basins are damp-proof to ensure the resistance to water and to offer a subtle and elegant proposal to organize your toiletries in full view.

Auxiliary unit

Increase the storage capacity of your bathroom with auxiliary units. Choose from column units, cabinets, auxiliary units and shelf units to organize all your toiletries.

Complementary furniture products

Roca furniture accessories include optional feet, castors, towel rails, furniture hooks and organizing boxes to optimize the installation and storage of your unit.

Mirrors without lights

Roca bathroom mirrors are available in different shapes and dimensions to meet any aesthetic need and adapt to all kinds of furniture.

Illuminated mirrors

Roca bathroom mirrors with integrated LED lighting offer the most pleasant, efficient and customizable bathroom experience and guarantee more light with less consumption.

Mirror cabinets

Roca cabinet mirrors increase the storage capacity of any bathroom thanks to their height-adjustable shelves and are available in different dimensions with the option of integrated magnifying glass.

Magnifying mirrors

Roca magnifying glasses visually enlarge certain parts of our body or face allowing us to see in greater detail.

Lights for mirrors

Roca spotlights with LED lighting provide more light with less consumption. Choose from various models with the option of adjustable light intensity and temperature.

Basin mixers

Discover Roca’s extensive range of basin taps, available in different design styles and models, including single lever basin mixers, dual control mixers, electronic sensor taps and non-concussive taps for public spaces. Designed with the latest technology for greater water saving, style and functionality.

Bidet taps

Choose from Roca’s comprehensive range of bidet taps designed to suit every design preference. Experience the perfect combination of durability, style and functionality in single lever and dual-control formats.

Shower / bath mixers

Roca bath and shower mixers are manufactured using high quality raw materials and using the latest technology to ensure efficient water and energy saving, powerful performance and precise control. Discover an extensive range with options for every bathroom space, including thermostatic shower mixers, single lever mixers and freestanding bath fillers.

Kitchen mixers

Roca’s stylish kitchen taps provide high resistance and durability, whilst incorporating the latest technologies for greater water and energy saving. Discover Roca’s range of kitchen mixer designs, developed to ensure everlasting shine and ultimate performance.

Laundry sink mixers

Roca laundry sink mixers are designed to deliver excellent functionality, whether hand washing clothes or cleaning kitchen utensils.


Compatible with different Roca brassware collections, Roca thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) ensure precise water temperature control and pre-mixed water flow for installation in any space, including commercial bathrooms.

Complementary brassware products

Roca brassware accessories round off any bathroom configuration. Explore a wide selection of Roca’s bottle traps, basin wastes, bath wastes and even optional shelves for increased storage in the shower area.

Shower columns

Discover the ultimate showering experience with Roca’s elegant and multifunctional shower columns. Designed and fabricated to ensure exceptional performance and comfort, Roca shower columns are the ideal solution for achieving a number of shower functions in one single product. Choose from various styles and configurations, which could include a hand-held shower, an integrated shower head and luxurious features like water jets, waterfalls and rain showers.

Shower kits

Choose from Roca’s comprehensive range of versatile shower kits designed to suit every showering preference. Available in different sizes and finishes, Roca shower kits can include a thermostatic shower mixer, hand-held shower head, shower bar and height-adjustable bracket for the perfect showering combination.


Re-energise your everyday shower routine with multifunctional Roca hand-held shower heads and handsets. Choose from a wide range of models, designed and fabricated with time-honoured expertise to ensure excellent durability, ultimate performance and comfort.

Shower Heads

Experience the luxurious and restorative pleasure of the rain effect with Roca shower heads. Made from superior quality materials with a particular attention to durability, design and functionality, Roca’s shower heads are functional and easy to clean. Choose from wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted formats, square and round shapes, different sizes and different finishes.

Shower jets

Roca shower jets can be built into the ceiling or wall, the ideal formula for interior design projects that seek the full integration of all bathroom elements.

Complementary shower products

Shower accessories round out the installation and configuration of this area within the bathroom space. This range includes flexible shower hoses, height-adjustable shower bars, arms for showerheads and brackets for hand-showers, among others.


Roca baths have been designed to comply with the most demanding quality and durability standards in a wide selection of styles, materials and shapes. Choose the Roca bath that best adapts to your style, from classic to contemporary models.

Bath panels

Available for acrylic, steel and cast iron baths, these panels allow a built-in installation without masonry work or tiles, improving the finish and aesthetic of the ensemble.

Complementary bath products

Whether classic or contemporary, bath accessories include feet or headrests that round off the design of the bathroom space, providing a more delightful experience.

Shower trays

Roca shower trays, manufactured with top-quality materials, combine aesthetic and safety in a wide range of shapes, materials, styles and finishes for your bathroom.

In-Drain systems

In-Drain systems for built-in showers offer a clean and modern design that adapts to all kinds of bathrooms.

Toilet systems

Roca systems for toilets allow the built-in installation of the cistern, visually expanding the bathroom space.

Operating plates

Roca operating plates can be manually activated or by means of presence sensors, allowing the saving of water thanks to their dual flush option.

Bidet systems

Roca bidet systems have been designed to allow the installation of wall hung models with the utmost safety and firmness.

Basin systems

Roca systems for basins have been designed to allow the installation of wall hung models with undisputed stability.


Roca urinals are manufactured in vitreous china, the most hygienic material, and include compact models for all kinds of spaces.

Urinal dividers

Roca urinal dividers have been designed to ensure the privacy of the users of public restrooms.

Floor-standing bidets

Available in different designs and finishes, floorstanding bidets come in various models with or without covers.

Wall-hung bidets

By freeing up space on the floor, wall hung bidets provide a feeling of greater spaciousness in the bathroom and are available in models with or without cover in different finishes.

Robe hooks

Available for installation with screws or adhesive, Roca robe hooks are manufactured in different materials and finishes and allow the bathroom space to be arranged by hanging up towels or bathrobes.

Soap dishes

Manufactured in metal, vitreous china or glass, Roca soap dishes can rest on the countertop or be installed wall-hung using a drill or adhesive.

Gel dispensers

With a wall hung or over countertop installation, Roca soap dispensers adjust the amount of necessary soap both in public and private bathrooms.

Glass tumbler holders

In glass, metal or coloured finishes, Roca glasses can be installed on the countertop or wall hung.


Manufactured in glass, metal or vitreous china, Roca bathroom shelves can have different styles and sizes and include fixing with adhesive or tamper-resistant features in public restrooms.


In different styles, shapes and sizes, Roca containers have been designed to arrange all toiletries in the shower or bath area.

Towel rails

In different dimensions, materials and finishes, Roca towel rails allow users to arrange their towels in a single solution or with a double towel rail.

Towel rings

Manufactured in metal or combined with vitreous china, Roca towel rings are available in different configurations, styles and finishes.

Towel racks

Roca towel racks include different styles and dimensions that provide the option of having all towels perfectly arranged in the bathroom space. Can be installed with drill or adhesive.

Toilet roll holders

With a minimalistic style or with cover, Roca toilet roll holders help users arrange their toilet paper with models manufactured in metal or vitreous china.

Toilet brush holders

Roca toilet brush holders are available in different models and finishes, and can be installed wall-mounted or floorstanding

Magnifying mirrors

Wall mounted magnifying glasses can be installed at the requested height and are available double-sided, with light or articulated arm to improve visibility and facilitate any grooming routines.

Waste bins

With or without cover, Roca waste bins are manufactured in metal and can include a tamper-resistant reinforcement to prevent them from being taken from public restrooms.

Shower seats

Wall-mounted and foldable, Roca shower seats have been designed to make the grooming routines easier for older people or users with reduced mobility. As an option, they can also include an antibacterial treatment that contributes to hygiene in hospitals and retirement homes.

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