Choose from a wide range of bathroom taps, bath/shower mixers and more, designed and fabricated with time-honoured expertise to provide excellent durability, timeless design and powerful performance.


Simple as nature. Ona pays homage to the diverse shapes of nature from our native Mediterranean. It is functional without ever appearing cold, with crisp aesthetics that follow the inherent warmth of the natural environment, made for those who enjoy the power of silent landscapes.

The essence of Cala's design is demonstrated in a slim body of only 38mm and its flat rectangular handle, in perfect harmony with the shape of the spout; the ultimate blend of visual elements combined for optimal proportion and style. This comprehensive collection features a range of basin taps, bath shower mixers and bidet options.

Character and sophistication join in this collection of faucets with a minimalist design, born out of a perfect combination of cylindrical and square geometric shapes.

Simply contemporary. This is a brassware, whose simple, contemporary and intuitive lines make it a perfect fit for any bathroom space. L20 forms part of Roca’s innovative brassware collections that turn on frontally with cold water.

With soft outlines and an extraordinary elegance and personality, its slim side handle makes the difference in a modern single-lever faucet ideal for bathrooms with a clear urban character.

This faucet collection, which stands out for its elegance and versatility, includes flow limiters to 5 litres per minute as well as the Cold Start technology that guarantee greater water and energy savings. Also, with the aim of providing more comfort, the shower mixer can be equipped with a clip-on shelf, allowing you to have your showering essentials close to hand.

Committed to the perfection of a finish that whisks us away to a universe governed by technology. Angles, straight lines and planes follow one another in this collection. This collection is a singular style proposal, particularly recommended for those who love designs that are inspired by urban life.

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