Toni Clariana

MAGMA has won a range of distinctions for both industrial design and the design of spaces, including the Hispack, Delta Adi-Fad and Letra awards.

MAGMA is an interdisciplinary Barcelona-based practice with a team that includes industrial and graphic designers, project engineers, marketing consultants, advertising and creative professionals, all working together to manage global projects noteworthy for their creative focus.



With its gentle and stylish curves, this collection epitomises the latest in functionality. Its timeless design is the perfect choice for the most modern of bathroom layouts. The series serves to prove that stylishness and functionality can live together in perfect harmony.


A proposal inspired by the efficiency and practicality of experienced design. This series is the revitalisation of conventional shapes turned into modern, urban, elegant and serious solutions for a space with maximum comfort and one that complies with the precept of responsible use of the plant's natural resources.


A traditional response to classic atmospheres. Elegant and functional curves in an extensive collection of pieces that combine simplicity and versatility, offering the convenience of well-tried solutions.


Simplicity and functionality set the style in the bathroom. This is a style proposal composed of gentle, elegant and refreshing contours. The serenity of a design imbued with basic shapes that are highly adaptable to any space.


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