Design ideas for renovating your small bathroom

From smart toilets to small vanity units, get creative and discover some of our best small bathroom ideas.

Any small bathroom renovation can present several creative challenges. Yet it can also be an opportunity to equip your home with innovative products, such as a smart toilet or two-in-one solutions that make the most of the available space. Bathroom mirror cabinets are functional and reflect light, perfect for making a room feel larger than it is, and small vanity units give you valuable storage. If you are planning a renovation of a compact bathroom or a guest toilet, let us help with some small bathroom ideas that will enable you to make the most of the space you have. Learn how to utilise every square centimetre without sacrificing comfort, tidiness, or innovation.


If there is not enough space for a bidet, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to forgo your personal cleansing routine. A Roca In-Wash® smart toilet allows you to enjoy customisable washing and drying functions with options for water temperature, offering the ultimate comfort and hygiene solution.

Available in five models, In-Wash® has wall-hung versions that free up floor space beneath the toilet for easy cleaning, and even an In-Wash® In-Tank® option where the cistern is integrated into the bowl of the WC. Eliminating the need for a concealed cistern in the wall means that this innovative smart toilet can save you up to 20 centimetres of space.


Many small bathroom ideas focus on maximising the feeling of spaciousness. A good way to achieve this is, if possible, to remove any solid architectural barriers, such as walls. Creating a shower space with a seamless and level floor can also help. Many extra slim shower trays can be installed at floor level giving you that luxurious wet-room feel. All shower trays in the Stonex® Terran collection feature a textured slate-inspired surface that is slip-resistant and durable. Available in three finishes; White, Black and Slate, you can choose the one that best reflects your style.


If you are a fan of groundbreaking design, you might take the opportunity when refurbishing a small bathroom or guest toilet, to install a truly revolutionary and sustainable solution. Roca’s W+W is a washbasin with an integrated WC, that filters and purifies the water from the basin to flush the toilet. Awarded with numerous international accolades, this solution combines innovation and efficiency with it only being 860mm wide, perfect for any compact space.


With modern and minimalist designs far removed from the bulkier models of yesteryear, bathroom mirror cabinets return as an updated classic. In a small bathroom or guest toilet, a compact wall mounted unit will allow you to keep all your toiletries safely stored, and make the most of the space over the basin. The Luna significantly increases storage capacity, and is available in dimensions from 200 to 500mm, while Sol offers LED lighting and a shaving socket in sizes ranging from 400 to 1000mm.


Small vanity units are a great solution for those with little available space. There are base units with a reduced depth, perfect for a narrow bathroom, allowing you to keep everything tidily stored.

Roca’s new Ona collection, inspired by the Mediterranean, is a versatile and comprehensive furniture solution with several compact options to fit your space. If you prefer drawers, Ona has widths ranging from 450mm to 600mm with a depth of 360mm. Or for a base unit with a door and shelf, there are two versions to choose from; The 400mm with a compact depth of 320 mm and centrally positioned tap, or for an even more reduced depth unit, choose the 450 mm, with a reduced depth of 260 mm and an asymmetrical positioned tap.

If you need a smaller footprint, the Mini collection, with a depth of 250mm and a width of 450mm, will allow you to store towels and toiletries while taking up even less space.

Every new challenge opens the door to creativity, and these small bathroom ideas and solutions will help you plan your renovation. From small vanity units to bathroom mirror cabinets, compact solutions and innovative technologies will help you fit everything you need into the space you have available, making the most of your small bathroom.