Renovate your bathroom with a new shower tray

In a variety of materials and shapes, Roca’s shower trays offer elegant and practical solutions

Upgrading your bathroom by adding a new shower tray can make your bathroom feel more open and accessible. There are a variety of shower trays to choose from, each with their own benefits, styles and material qualities. For example, if you want to adapt your bathroom for an elderly user with reduced mobility, choosing a Stonex® shower tray offer unbeatable anti-slippage qualities. In this article we look at a variety of shower room design ideas.

Super-slim shower trays

The Terran range of shower trays are available in a large selection of sizes and colours all made from a stunningly beautiful textured anti-slip material called Stonex®. Terran shower trays have a super-slim design that offer perfect integration with the bathroom floor.

Made of vitreous china, Malta is another shower tray range that includes slim tray models. Malta shower trays have an integrated anti-slip base, and their minimal design, combined with the durability of its ceramic material, offers a seamless solution for any bathroom. Malta shower trays are available in a range of rectangular dimensions and there is also a corner tray option.

Tiled wetrooms

Tiled wetrooms can be a great solution for smaller bathroom spaces and are a highly practical solution, offering greater accessibility whilst being easy to clean. Roca’s In-drain range is an innovative new concept for drainage installations in wetrooms. The collection features premounted geotextile fabric and adaptable drainage plates in a number of kits depending on your requirements and they allow you to tile the floor with the drain cleverly and attractively concealed under the floor and the tiles!

Anti-slip shower trays

Installing shower trays manufactured in Stonex® not only allows you to experience all the benefits of an extra-slim design, it also invites you to enjoy different natural textures which are warm to the touch. The material Stonex®️ is made of a unique mixture of high quality resins and minerals, creating a textured finish in the production process, and beautiful aesthetic. Not only are these showertrays beautiful to look at, the texture of Stonex®️ provides strong anti-slip properties.

Acrylic shower trays

Acrylic is a material that has many benefits when it comes to the bathroom space, including high durability and design flexibility. The Easy shower tray range is made of acrylic and has a very adaptable design.  Offering an appealing modern aesthetic, thanks to the neutrality of its forms, the Easy shower tray is available in a range of rectangular and corner tray dimensions.