Small bathroom? Discover Roca’s compact bathroom units!

Less is more with these two storage solutions.

The right storage cabinet can help you reinvent a small bathroom space… Faced with a reduced or narrow space, you’ll have to think strategically and see every centimetre as an opportunity! Here we present the ideal compact bathroom units to meet your storage needs, even in the smallest of bathrooms.

DEBBA: Everything you can imagine, in just 3 drawers

If the size of your bathroom is making it impossible to store all of your bathroom essentials, the new compact furniture unit from the Debba collection is just the right solution for you. Debba’s increased storage capacity (now featuring three drawers!) means all of your toiletries can be at hand and neatly arranged within its drawers.

The wide range of available dimensions allow the Debba collection to be adapted to fit any space making it the ideal choice if you are looking for a small bathroom cabinet. You can select bathroom cabinets with reduced depth (only 365mm), and lengths ranging from 500mm to 800mm. Available in four finishes – Oak, Wenge, White and Anthracite Grey – you can also complete your Debba furniture unit with a mirror and a LED light to brighten things up and increase the feeling of spaciousness.

As well as the 3-drawer version, Debba also has other compact models available with two drawers or two doors, ideal for even smaller spaces.

MINI: Increase space in the narrowest of bathrooms

Even the tightest of bathroom spaces will find the perfect solution in the Mini collection. With a reduced depth of 250mm, the Mini compact bathroom units are perfect to make the most of every centimetre of space. These small-yet-functional bathroom cabinets fit into any bathroom configuration thanks to their reversible doors, allowing installation for both left and right opening.

As a small bathroom cabinet it offers everything: Its interior shelves are adjustable to enable you to organise your toiletries to your liking. If you still have more things to store, the Mini collection includes a mirrored cabinet available in the same finishes as the other Mini furniture units – Oak, Wenge, Sand and White – providing you with even more storage capacity than a mirror alone.