A guide to choosing a new and improved WC

From antibacterial toilet seats and rimless toilets to smart flush plates, there are many innovations that will make your WC smarter, cleaner and more durable

If you’re looking to invest in a new bathroom you’ll quickly come to realise that a toilet is no longer just a toilet. With clever innovations such as rimless toilets and improved flush plates and toilet seats, your WC can not only look more stylish, but can even help to keep itself hygienic and easier to clean. Here’s our guide to making sure your WC is harder working, so you don’t have to be…


Toilet seats with antibacterial properties will help to inhibit the growth of bacteria, meaning you’re already one step ahead when it comes to hygiene. In addition to this, the antibacterial Supralit® toilet seats from Roca, are made from a pliable resin that allows toilet seats to be made with soft, rounded edges, making for easier cleaning.


There’s no place left for grime to hide when it comes to rimless toilets. With a smooth, seamless design, there are no nooks for dirt to build up in, making the task of cleaning rimless toilets much easier and quicker.


Sleek and stylish, in-wall flush plates for toilets with a concealed cistern not only look contemporary but thanks to their flat surface are easy to wipe clean with minimal places for bacteria to hide. Innovations in touchless technology make a huge difference to maintaining a cleaner bathroom, with sensor flushes providing maximum hygiene. Installed within the wall, the electronic glass flush plates operate with just the wave of a hand.


Intricate hinges on toilet seats can be tricky to keep clean, making them the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and grime that can look unsightly as well as lead to deterioration. A quick release seat allows easy access to all areas of the toilet. The push button system used in Roca’s Ona collection even goes a step further when it comes to ease, allowing the user to release the seat with one push of a button.


Choosing a product that’s made-to-last is essential for more sustainable living, but when things do need replacing from everyday wear and tear, it’s not always necessary to purchase a whole new thing. At Roca we strive to make life easier, and more affordable for you by having an array of spare parts available across our ranges, and easily accessible to purchase, whatever you need to replace.