Bathroom mirrors with lights – the best way to brighten up your bathroom

Over-mirror lighting to help you with your grooming routines.

Mirrors are an essential element of the bathroom, and it’s essential that they are coupled with effective lighting. In this article we explore the best bathroom mirrors with lights, and share how you can customise the lighting of your bathroom to suit the needs of every member of the family. We will introduce you to a selection of Roca mirrors with integrated lighting systems as well as bathroom LED spotlights. Discover a range of solutions that will meet your requirements and are energy efficient at the same time.

Bathroom mirrors with integrated lights: improve your reflection

Whether you are interested in LED mirrors for their energy efficiency, or because you’re after an attention grabbing decorative mirror, Roca have a selection of LED mirrors in an array of shapes and sizes, with innovative functions to maximise user wellbeing.


Available as a square, rectangular or round mirror, Iridia has innovative perimeter lighting, touch sensors to adjust light intensity, and an integrated demister device. Likewise, Prisma incorporates motion sensors to activate its demister device as well as upper and lower ambient lights on the square and rectangular options. Eidos is a mirror with LED lighting along the top edge that is available in a variety of dimensions. For hassle-free morning routines, the Eidos mirror LED lighting can be wired into the mains light switch, so you don’t need to turn it on separately.

Bathroom spotlights: the ideal complement for your mirror

If you’re happy with your bathroom mirror but it’s lacking light, consider installing a bathroom mirror spotlight. Spotlights can provide excellent, high performing illumination so that you can get the most out of your favourite mirror.


Sol and Sol Premium are aluminum mirrored cabinets that feature external lighting, shaver socket and adjustable shelves. Sol Premium also has the addition of an internal light and integrated demister pads.


Smartlight is a spotlight for the bathroom mirror that comes with a remote control. This enables  you to choose from three different lighting scenarios: makeup, shaving and ambient. The intensity and temperature of the lighting can be fully customised for a unique experience. If you are searching for a simpler solution, Starlight has 6W LED spotlight that can be easily attached to Victoria-N and Victoria Basic mirrors. Another spotlight option is Delight, which offers the same level of illumination as Starlight, but with a slightly wider reaching beam of light. (Please check the Product factsheet for a list of compatible mirrors.)