Exploring Stonex®, Roca’s own composite material for anti-slip shower trays and freestanding baths

Textured, smooth and warm to the touch; a unique blend of minerals and resin, perfect for bathtubs and large shower trays.

At Roca, we are constantly working on improving the bathroom experience with new innovations, technologies and materials, enhancing people’s wellbeing and safety around the world. One of our more recent innovations is Stonex®, a unique stone resin material for anti-slip shower trays and freestanding baths, inspired by nature.

Inspired by nature

It is now proven that a connection to nature in your environment can improve wellbeing, so it makes sense to aim to introduce nature-inspired elements into your home. Thanks to Stonex®, your bathroom can now feature a large shower tray and freestanding bath with a natural feeling. This is not only due to the material’s unique blend of resins and natural minerals, but also thanks to the stone-effect finish.

Aesthetics, safety and comfort

A beautiful textured pattern can be achieved naturally during the production of Stonex®, which makes the material tactile, but most importantly, gives it anti-slip properties. The material is completely solid throughout; the textured surface is cast into the piece, which means that you can trust the safety of its anti-slip properties of your large shower tray or freestanding bath for years to come.

Baths in Stonex® feature the anti-slip surface on the floor of the tub, and shower trays have the anti-slip texture integrated throughout. And thanks to the high-quality resin and mineral blend, Stonex® is always warm to the touch; no more cold shocks when getting into the bath or stepping into the shower!

Design that lasts

Thanks to its unique characteristics and solid composition, Stonex® is hardwearing and impact resistant. Its strength means that products made from Stonex® are incredibly durable, whilst also being UV light resistant. Your freestanding bath and anti-slip shower tray will therefore last for years to come, and the colour and finish will stay unchanged.

Sculptural bathtubs

As Stonex® products are manufactured by casting, there is endless freedom of design. Smooth curves and sculptural shapes can be achieved, creating freestanding baths that are set to become the centerpiece of any bathroom. The tubs are cast in one piece, with no sharp corners or joints, making cleaning easy.

Bathtubs made of Stonex® come in a variety of designs; from the compact Kauai, inspired by an exotic paradise, to the oval Ariane, resembling a smooth pebble. And if you prefer more contemporary shapes, take a look at the Raina or the Maui collection, combining modern design with a nod to ancient soaking tubs. Pick the design you like the most and enjoy the feeling of stepping into a solid stone mineral bath, with all its wellbeing benefits!

Shower Trays

The properties of Stonex® are perfect for large shower trays; its slip-resistance and durability mean you don’t have to worry about anything when getting into your morning shower.

The Terran collection of slate-style anti-slip shower trays will bring natural beauty into your bathroom. Select from a rectangular or square design, in three different colours (perfect for a dark grey or black bathroom scheme) and multiple dimensions. The super-slim design also means that you can install these large shower trays flush with the floor, for enhanced mobility. And for a perfect integration into your bathroom layout, the Stonex® material can also be cut to size.