Find the perfect vanity basin for your bathroom

Making life a bit more organised with the right furniture

Mornings can be stressful at the best of times but when the toothpaste has run out and the last towel has been used up, how can having a well organised bathroom save you time and energy?

We believe every home deserves a functional and practical bathroom. Read our guide to selecting furniture for your bathroom and see how the right storage solution can save precious minutes every morning!

1. Function

Consider what you want to use the cabinet for; what do you currently store in your bathroom? Keep a notebook in the bathroom for a week and jot down anything you wish you could fit in to your new storage unit whenever you think of it.

It’s important to also reflect on the role that the bathroom plays in your home; how do you use the space? From a (rushed) morning routine, to the kids’ evening-splash-about, and (hopefully) a relaxing soak after a long day – a great bathroom should cater for all our daily rituals.

Inspira furniture

2. Furniture and basin choices

The choice of bathroom furniture goes hand in hand with selecting a basin. Whilst exploring vanity units, start thinking about whether you want an on-countertop or integrated basin to go with your new furniture. Perhaps a double-basin solution will suit you best?

Keeping your notes about functionality close to hand, consider further options such as number of drawers and additional storage in the form of mirror cabinets or wall-hung column units.

Victoria-N furniture for families

3. The Space

Someone once told us: ‘Measure twice – buy once’. This couldn’t be more true when planning your bathroom furniture. Make sure drawers and doors can easily open, and leave ample space to move around the unit.

Storage units come in so many colours, finishes and styles, making it possible to perfectly match the furniture to the overall design scheme. Perhaps you want to jump on the latest trend of a plant-filled bathroom? Make sure there’s space for a flower pot on your new cabinet! Or do you prefer a minimal look with the latest technology integrated?

Read on for some more design inspiration…

The family bathroom – space for everything and everyone

When your home is full of people we realise that every inch of space counts! The Victoria-N basin unit comes with two or three spacious drawers offering enviable storage capacity, for smaller everyday items in the top, through to bulky items like towels in the bottom. The contemporary design can be combined with a single or double washbasin, with optional side towel rails for easy reach.

Tidy room, tidy mind

If you like to keep your bathroom super-organised, the Prisma furniture unit is designed for you. The basin has a useful, large surface on the side, perfect for everyday items or for accessorising with a jewellery box or plant. What you’ll love most about Prisma’s practicality are the drawers’ internal partitions, helping keep everything in its designated space.

Your style, your bathroom

If you’re looking for furniture that will not only provide storage space but also reflect your personal style, take a look at Inspira. This bathroom collection is based on three design lines which can be combined into multiple combinations to create your own individual solution. Sophisticated shapes, materials and finishes are all central to the Inspira design concept; the Round, Soft, and Square basin silhouettes combine beautifully with the range of furniture. Designed with attention to every detail, highlights include the Fineceramic® basin material, motion sensor lights and a range of options for furniture finishes, such as textured city oak, city oak with dark mirror or white gloss.


Prisma furniture

Storage and innovation combined

Who says you can’t play music in the bathroom? Your hygiene routine is about to enter the 21st century with the Stratum-N furniture collection. Featuring Bluetooth® speakers and interior drawer lighting – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Stratum-N furniture