In the glistening waters of Barcelona, where innovation meets tradition, an exciting voyage is about to take place. From August to October 2024, the city will host the 37th America’s Cup, a prestigious sporting event where cutting-edge design reigns supreme. Amidst the sleek vessels and advanced technology, the synergy of teamwork, sportsmanship and the relentless pursuit of excellence will navigate the thrilling course to victory.

Alinghi Red Bull Racing  
It's on this grand stage that Roca, a Barcelona-based company with design, technology, and sustainability at its core, finds a kindred spirit in Alinghi Red Bull Racing. In the pursuit of unparalleled innovation, the Swiss team combines the sailing prowess of Alinghi with the technical brilliance of Red Bull Advanced Technologies. For Roca, partnering with like-minded companies at the forefront of their industries is a core principle that reflects its commitment to excellence in creating the best bathroom experiences.

The collaboration between Alinghi Red Bull Racing and Roca marks a pioneering venture into the future of smart living. Roca’s unwavering commitment to the Internet of Things (IoT) aligns seamlessly with the shared goal of technological advancement and innovation. The Swiss challenger’s state-of-the-art base in Barcelona’s Port Vell, equipped with Roca’s smart bathrooms, provides an exceptional opportunity to implement a comprehensive system of connected bathroom solutions.

This union of shared values is a true testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to a better future.


Alinghi Red Bull Racing
These solutions include toilets, faucets and smart showers, all linked to Roca Connect, our cloud-based smart bathroom framework. With the integration of IoT, the team will be able to capture and monitor important information and behaviour patterns within the installation’s bathrooms, aligning with the sustainable practices incorporated into the Swiss team’s facility. These combined efforts aim to optimize maintenance and cleaning costs while promoting a conscientious approach to water conservation.

Barcelona is more than just a backdrop for this partnership; it is at the very heart of it. Roca's draws inspiration from the city’s essence, creating bathroom spaces that reflect its culture, vibrancy and warmth. This collaboration with the Alinghi Red Bull Racing isn't just about winning; it's about leaving a legacy of positive change in Barcelona, a commitment that both companies embrace.


Together, Roca and Alinghi Red Bull Racing are setting sail on a journey where innovation, technology, and sustainability are the guiding stars, creating ripples of impact on the city, the sea, and beyond. This union of shared values is a true testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to a better future.

The key dates for the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup are as follows:


  • Preliminary Regatta: 22nd - 25th August
  • Louis Vuitton Cup Round Robins: 29th August - 8th September
  • Louis Vuitton Cup Semi Finals: 14th - 19th September
  • Louis Vuitton Cup Finals: 26th September - 5th October
  • Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup Match: 12th October - 21st October




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