A small bath doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact

With stylish baths for small bathrooms, there’s no reason why you have to miss out on your dream design, even a small freestanding bath is a possibility

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but in reality most of us only have a modestly-sized space to work with and having a full-sized bath isn’t always possible. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise though with solutions for compact spaces, and baths for small bathrooms available. All it takes is some clever planning, from layout to fitting choices, and you can still create a sumptuous space with a small bath – a small freestanding bath might even be an option, in fact reduced-length baths are often deeper, adding further to that luxe feel!

When you do have minimal square footage, thoughtful planning is essential. You want to avoid cramming too much in, but with a small bath you could have more room to play with than you thought. Choose minimal fixtures to avoid making the area look cramped, and consider creating zones – with a small bath and shower on one side of the room, and the basin and toilet on the other. This will maximise functionality, especially in a space-strapped family bathroom, so that for example, one person can be brushing their teeth, while the other is bathing the kids.

Consider a small freestanding bath

(Pictured: Maui round 1500x700)

You don’t have to let go of your dream of having a spa-like freestanding bath, even if you have a compact bathroom. A small freestanding bath can even add to the perception of space, especially an oval shaped small bath with soft, rounded corners. Think carefully about the layout and positioning of the freestanding bath – ensure you leave enough space all around the bath (about 10cm), not only for cleaning and maintenance, but aesthetically it will make the room look bigger. Try to position the small freestanding bath near an outside wall where the waste pipes are. Positioning a bath on a purpose built plinth is another creative way to hide the plumbing, as well as giving your bathroom a luxe feel. If you can, under a window is ideal, capturing the view and creating a focal point in the room. Place the bath by the wall and it also gives you the opportunity to fit a wall mounted bath filler, which can be boxed in, not only saving space, but also looking clean and streamlined.

Choose taps and a shower to complement your bath

(Pictured: Raindream)

Looking for baths for small bathrooms doesn’t mean having to compromise on style, or any of the practical additions you want in your bathroom. You can still have a ceiling-mounted rain shower, sleek wall mounted taps, or a freestanding bath filler. And you can even still have an over-bath shower with a smaller tub – a practical choice to ensure you have both options, especially useful in a family bathroom.

As a rule of thumb, wall-mounted furniture and fixings make a compact bathroom look clutter-free, freeing up a little space, so a wall-mounted bath mixer is a wise choice alongside a reduced-length bath, looking sleek and elegant at the same time. Clean, streamlined designs always lend themselves well to smaller spaces.

While it’s a traditional choice to have an over-bath shower fitted at the shorter end of the bath, positioning it on the longer side of the bath gives you more space to shower and feels a little more indulgent.

If it’s a small freestanding bath you are going for, then you have the choice of having freestanding floor mounted taps, or if you’ve positioned the bath next to a wall, then space-saving wall-mounted taps are a practical choice. A ceiling-mounted rain shower will complement a small freestanding bath perfectly, for an ultra plush space, but ensure you also fit an oval shower ring and curtain, to prevent splashes.

Opt for a small bath to make space for shower enclosure

(Pictured: Ona Collection)

If you have a little more floor space to play with and dream of having both a bath and shower enclosure, then a smaller bath could help to make that a reality, freeing up essential space for a separate enclosure. Choose a slimline shower tray and frameless screen to help create the illusion of space.

Recess your bath

It’s not just a freestanding bath that can make a space feel opulent. Inset baths for small bathrooms can also be made to feel more luxurious by being recessed. This works especially well in compact bathrooms where the bath is fitted into an alcove, surrounded by three walls, maximising and utilising the space to its full potential. Remember to factor in an access panel to allow for maintenance.

(Pictured: Vythos bath)

Whether your bathroom is average-sized or bijou, baths for small bathrooms can open up more possibilities than you might have imagined possible. Whether you want an eye-catching freestanding design, a functional family bath, or simply to free up space for a that roomy shower enclosure, a small bath is the best solution to fitting all the essentials into the space you have available.

(Pictured: Ona bath and black bath filler)