Bath vs. shower… or both!

The choice between a bath and a shower always poses a dilemma in bathroom design, especially if there are space constraints.

When it comes to baths and showers, they represent two very different aspects of life. One is more practical, and the other is slow and dreamy. They may be very different but also complementary to each other. Whether your lifestyle is laid-back or fast-paced, and whether you prefer classic or contemporary design, nowadays, having access to both options is generally preferred in design schemes.


The shower is an essential part of our daily routine which enables us to face the day with vigor and energy. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that we have become more selective inn our decision making process and value a well-designed space that meets our daily needs. Factors including safety and spaciousness are therefore essential to consider when designing a showering space.

Shower trays such as Terran allow you to enjoy the experience with ease and trust. Manufactured in Stonex®, a revolutionary combination of minerals and resins with a unique slip-resistant surface, these shower trays can be installed at ground level ensuring a seamless design element for any shower space. With their textured finish, similar to wood or natural stone, and a wide range of contemporary colours available, you can be confident in your design choices. Explore Roca’s shower trays here.

Terran shower tray by Roca


The bath has made a strong comeback as a space where we can rest and reconnect with ourselves. It allows us to re-introduce some peace and tranquility into our everyday lives, providing the perfect retreat from a busy day. It is also a key element in the homes of many families. For those of us with young children, the safety and comfort of a bath forms part of the bedtime routine. With a classic design, like the sumptuous Eliptico, or a contemporary design, like the charismatic Element range , baths are an object that can provide both style and enjoyment to the bathroom. Discover Roca’s collection of baths here.


As human beings, we don’t really like to compromise – why should we? When it comes to bathrooms, the dream is usually to indulge in both a bath and shower, if space and proportions allow. Separate spaces for bathing and showering are an absolute pleasure to have, and if we are able achieve a beautiful balance of design and style, then we have a winning combination. If that’s not possible, combining a shower over the bath is an option to consider, however, it’s important to make sure the design and shape of the bath fits your needs and that of the shower, in order for the bathing experience not to be compromised. Alternatively, options such as a hydromassage column can transform the shower space into that relaxing haven when needed.

Bathroom with Roca products