Bathroom accessibility products for low mobility: aids for ultimate comfort

The Access range make using the bathroom easier for those with reduced mobility.

Reliably by your side when you most need it, bathroom accessories for low mobility can provide support when it comes to everyday bathroom rituals. Specifically designed for renovating bathrooms for the elderly, or to overcome mobility issues in the bathroom, the Access collection brings together all kinds of accessories for the shower or WC area. These bathroom accessibility products have all been designed to make every day easier, both at home and in professional spaces, such as care homes and hospitals.

Grab rails to support you

From longer straight grab rails to shorter angular grab rails, Access offers multiple accessories that can bear a weight of up to 150 kg. Install these grab rails vertically or horizontally to accompany showers or WCs, based on your needs. Available in a joint-free design with a white, blue or grey finish.

Bath and shower seats designed for your comfort

Sometimes one point of support is not enough. Shower seats or bathroom stools can make grooming rituals easier for people with reduced mobility. Useful for carers, a reclining shower seat can make it easier to assist with for example hair-washing, and can make the shower experience much more relaxing for the user.

A smart toilet which can be operated with a simple and intuitive remote

The In-Wash smart toilet combines the functions of a bidet and WC. Boasting the most advanced technology, the In-Wash is an accessible and versatile smart toilet, perfect for those who have restricted mobility. The smart toilet can be operated by a easy-to-install remote control, with an uncomplicated and straightforward design.

Comfort height toilets can make a huge difference to the bathroom experience

A WC with an increased seat height of only a few centimetres can make a huge difference to user experience. A comfort height WC is a great option for those with mobility issues. The additional height allows for a slightly different angle for your hip and knee joints, which makes the toilet more comfortable to use, both when lowering and rising from the toilet seat, as well as when sitting down.

Other bathroom accessories for reduced mobility

If you are thinking of renovating a bathroom for people with reduced mobility, there are other bathroom mobility aids to consider for maximising comfort. For example, tilting mirrors that can be easily adjusted to the right height of the user, and the Laura access basin mixer with a large lever that makes it easier to operate.