Black bathroom accessories for the ultimate modern bathroom

The minimalist designs of the Tempo accessories collection are now available in Titanium Black. Invest in some new details for your modern bathroom – from black toilet holders to soap dishes.

If you’re looking for ways to add style and sophistication to your bathroom, black bathroom accessories are a great way to achieve this. Black bathroom accessories can enhance all types of modern bathroom designs; from industrial-style to minimalistic bathroom aesthetics.

Distinguished and quintessential modern, the Tempo accessory range has been transformed by a new finish, elevating details of the bathroom that wouldn’t ordinarily get a second look, into eye-catching design pieces in their own right. From soap dishes to shelves, hooks to towel rails, in Titanium Black these accessories are transformed.

Bathroom accessories that do more than just organise

In the modern bathroom, accessories can be much more than a functional element, and this is especially true if you opt for coloured pieces – and in the bathroom black is perhaps the most striking colour of them all. Take Tempo’s soap dishes for example – both the countertop and wall mounted options are now available in Titanium Black – they look sophisticated combined with black shelves or metallic containers. Tempo’s accessories are available in a range of dimensions and specifications to suit any requirement, including different towel rail lengths and the option for a double swivel towel rail too.

Maximum resistance and minimalistic design

The Tempo modern bathroom accessories collection is minimalistic by design, but with maximum resistance to wear and tear, thanks to  the resistance of an anticorrosive plating. The Titanium Black finish brings greater visual impact to white basins, and the accessories are the perfect complement to minimalist brassware, such as the Insignia tap.

Accessories are an excellent way to fill your bathroom with character, and black bathroom accessories – whether it’s a black soap dispenser, black toilet roll holder or even a black toilet brush holder – will enhance any modern bathroom, bringing sophistication and personality.