Calming and sophisticated, grey bathroom ideas

Versatility and warmth, a grey vanity unit can transform your bathroom into a place of tranquility.

From off-white to slate-inspired hues, grey has become an increasingly popular colour in home interiors. One reason for this might be the comfort that grey offers, and perhaps also its adaptability. Often associated with ‘industrial settings’ where functionality is key, it’s perhaps the only colour that doesn’t have a strong ‘personality’. This neutralness means grey can enhance a variety of spaces and embrace the personalities and needs of the people that use the space, as well as furniture and other colours. It’s a modest colour too, and doesn’t demand attention – qualities make it an appealing choice for the home, and one that works particularly well in the bathroom – the room of calm.


In this article we look at grey vanity units, basins and other ways you can use grey for a bathroom of tranquility and peace.

Grey bathroom furniture that combines functionality and sensitivity

As we’ve already mentioned, the colour grey is often associated with an ‘industrial’ aesthetic. Building on this connection are Roca’s Domi and Gap furniture collections. Domi is a collection of minimalist and refined shapes, inspired by industrial design, with three grey finish options: Arctic Grey, City Oak or Nordic Ash, as well as Gloss White. The vanity unit has a range of possible configurations, offering generous storage space, and selecting a grey finish will enhance its physical form.


Similarly, The Gap collection’s furniture range has an industrial aesthetic of minimalist lines, with a choice of grey finishes. The Gap offers excellent storage capacity, even in its smaller iterations, making it a collection perfect for small bathrooms.


Many more of Roca’s furniture collections can be finished in Gloss Anthracite Grey, a deep grey colour, that will bring warmth to the bathroom space. For example the Prisma and Debba collections both look great in Anthracite Grey. Prisma is a collection known for its innovative approach to bathroom design, which is maximised when presented in grey, and Debba is a particularly adaptable and earnest collection, and when finished in grey its humble, yet stylish design, is really emphasised.

Grey ceramic basins, WCs and bathtubs

Vitreous china offers unbeatable hygiene due to the durability of its surface which prevents the absorption of water and bacterial growth. It’s also very resistant to impact and is incredibly strong. Grey ceramic basins, WCs and bathtubs can be a great way to bring a sense of calm to the bathroom space, and Roca offers a range of products that are available in a grey finish, including pieces from the Inspira, Beyond and Ohtake collections. There are two grey finishes to choose from Pearl and Onyx. Pearl is a very soft grey colour, whilst Onyx is a much deeper grey that looks almost like slate. Both tones will bring warmth and sophistication to bathroom space and elevate your bathroom to a place of tranquility.