Roca’s Cold Start taps help you avoid unnecessary use of hot water.

The simple things in life really matter. When you are conscious of making the world a better place to live in, small decisions on ways to save energy in your household can make a huge difference today and for future generations.


For the past hundred years, Roca’s expertise in bathroom design have made us appreciate the importance of water and energy saving. We have spent decades developing technologies that transform our mundane daily actions into something more efficient and sustainable. An example of this is our Cold Start faucets, specifically designed to avoid the unnecessary use of hot water, helping you save on energy.

In Roca’s new generation of Cold Start brassware, the default start position is cold water. The handle needs to be turned to the left to gradually introduce the hot water – it’s only at this point that the boiler is engaged. This simple fact that the opening of a tap avoids the unnecessary operation of the boiler becomes a significant energy saver, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Faucet with Cold Start technology by Roca

Furthermore, since the opening to the right is restricted, the Cold Start taps force the alignment of the handle with the spout – the handle’s natural position is therefore in the centre, improving the aesthetics and facilitating an easy way to always start with cold water.

Faucet with Cold Start by Roca