Create a bathroom to relax in

Wash away the day with a luxurious rain shower

Your bathroom should be a place of escape, rather than a place you want to escape from. A place where you can begin the day feeling calm and relaxed, and can return to at the end of a long one to unwind in. A few luxurious additions, such as a rain shower, can turn any bathroom into a haven you want to spend time in, while some simple bathroom accessories, such as a thoughtfully placed towel rail, can make getting ready a breeze.

Install a soothing rain shower

While a bathroom doesn’t have to include anything too luxurious, a good shower after a gruelling day can certainly help to wash away your troubles. For maximum enjoyment, make sure you have a modern, round or square rain shower installed with good water pressure. A rain shower will not only wash off the dirt but also the accumulated tension of the day.

(Pictured: Rainsense shower head)

Invest in adequate storage

Once a warm shower has washed the daily stresses away, it’s important for them not to return. Nothing creates stress like not being able to locate what you’re looking for and clutter does nothing to ease the mind. Ensure the storage solution you choose is sufficient for storing all your essentials for a smooth-running bathroom.

A towel rail or robe hook located next to the shower or bath is one of the simple bathroom accessories that makes jumping out of a warm shower much more pleasurable, enabling you to instantly cocoon yourself in a plush towel, rather than hunting around for a dry one.

(Pictured: Tenet in Walnut)

Keep your essentials to hand

Things can get out of control fast when toiletries are not put back where they came from. Organisational trays can help keep things in order, out of sight and close at hand, creating a much more relaxing experience.

(Pictured: Ona tray in sand from the Ona bathroom collection)

Use wall hung toilets to create the illusion of space

Likewise, opting for wall hung toilets and furniture is one of the fundamental tricks of the interior designer’s trade. By freeing up the space below wall hung toilets, the appearance of a more spacious room is instantly created, even in not-so-big bathrooms.

(Pictured: The Gap collection)

So it seems creating a relaxing space is simply down to a few considered choices when it comes to picking sanitaryware and bathroom accessories. Choices that allow you to easily reach for a soft towel from the towel rail. Ease away aches and pains under a rain shower or make your space seem more spacious and less cluttered with wall hung toilets and furniture.