Discover the advantages and comfort of a hydromassage column

The ultimate showering experience for physical and mental well-being.

We all know the restorative effect of a warm shower, and that sometimes it’s the only thing that can rejuvenate us. A shower with a hydromassage column maximises water’s capacity for physical and mental well-being. Combining the cascade effect of the shower-head and the therapeutic massage of jets across your neck and back, Roca’s hydromassage shower columns offer the latest in thermostatic technology and design, and the ultimate shower experience when it comes to comfort and relaxation.

Integrated solution

With water jets added to the thermostatic faucets, hand-shower and shower-head, Roca’s hydromassage columns completely reimagine the conventional shower experience. The adjustable shower bar is transformed into a larger, more robust, structure that provides all showering options in one fully integrated solution.

All the benefits of water

Using a shower with a hydromassage column helps you release both physical and mental tension that can accumulate with a busy lifestyle or stressful period, as well as invigorate you when you are low on energy. Different water outlets work directly on your vertebra and lower back area, encouraging muscle relaxation, and can be adjusted to suit the needs and comfort of the whole family. Showering also has proven benefits when it comes to circulation, as well aiding the release of toxins from the body as our pores open up in response to hot water.

Perfect temperature

To reap the maximum benefits of a shower with a hydromassage column, setting the perfect temperature is essential. With a thermostatic column you can select the temperature of the hydromassage shower precisely to guarantee your personal needs and comfort are satisfied.

A modern design

With stylish stainless steel profiles and overall striking designs, the Essential and Evolution hydromassage shower columns will add a real sense of sophistication to a modern bathroom. They also come with the option of a glass shelf that functions as a handy place to keep your toiletries which is easy to clean.