Discover ways to save water with an eco bathroom

Bathroom solutions to help you care for the planet.

The planet is the greatest legacy we will leave to future generations and Roca are committed to supporting this by developing eco bathroom products that save water and energy. Sustainability is important so when it comes to bathroom renovations, these are best undertaken an environmental awareness rather than just haste. If you are searching for ways to save water and  make your bathroom a more eco friendly place, here are our four tips for saving water and reducing energy consumption.

2 in 1 solutions

The W+W is Roca’s original 2 in 1 basin and toilet, and is the result of a sustainability led design approach and technological innovation. Discover how to save water at home with the W+W, a single unit that filters and reuses the water from the basin in the WC perfect for an eco bathroom.



Thermostatic taps

Roca’s thermostatic taps provide the highest level of energy efficiency. Our Quick Reaction®️ technology ensures desired flow and temperature is achieved in less than 3 seconds and remains constant, whilst the Security 38º system prevents water from rising above this temperature. These innovations, together with flow restrictors, reduce water consumption and save energy.

Cold Start® Opening System

There are many basin rituals that do not require hot water, such as brushing your teeth. As its name suggests, Cold Start® technology means just that: when you open your tap you will be greeted with cold water, rather than lukewarm. Cold Start® prevents unnecessary boiler action, and this means fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Aesthetically it also encourages the user to return the lever to the centre when they have finished so the tap looks neat and symmetrical when not in use!

Double flush or dual cisterns

Ever wondered about how to save water when using the toilet? (We certainly have and we designed the original solution for this!) Install a dual flush cistern (with a dual flush push-button), so that you can choose the volume of water for each flush and only use the exact amount required.