Domi, a vanity unit perfect for bathrooms big or small

An industrial-style furniture piece to revamp your bathroom, regardless of its size.

Are you a fan of Mid-Century Modern and long to give your bathroom a New York City-inspired renovation, but only have limited space? Let us introduce you to an industrial style furniture piece that is an excellent solution for smaller bathrooms: Domi.

Domi is a vanity unit that is perfectly at home in both large and compact bathrooms. With a solid and pure design, this industrial style furniture piece is available with a minimum width of 600mm, which is perfect for a small bathroom. The version with a width of 800mm features two practical side shelves, and the 1000mm width provides a cupboard compartment, and you can decide if you want the basin on the right or left of the unit. Grey bathroom furniture can really accentuate the Mid-Century Modern look, so if this is the aesthetic you’re going for, consider Domi with the Arctic grey detailing option.