Electronic toilet flush: Your WC can now be touchless

Installing a sensor toilet flush is easier than you imagined.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a heightened awareness of hygiene, and with it comes an increased interest in touchless technologies. Commonplace in commercial and public washrooms long before the pandemic, we now see more and more homes equipped with touchless electronic toilet flush technology. And although a sensor-flush mechanism contains some clever technology, it’s not a complicated solution to integrate into an existing toilet with a cistern.

If you think that installing a sensor toilet flush will force you to do some renovation work, you’ll be surprised to find out that there is a touchless solution that is both effective and easy to install. Compatible with most Roca toilets with cisterns that have a 40 mm-wide hole for the push button, the EM1 mechanism turns your WC into an electronic toilet in no time. In only a few minutes and with no masonry work, you will go from a traditional manual WC to a sensor toilet flush.

Moreover, the EM1 mechanism does not require a power connection near the toilet, as it is battery-operated. Four batteries guarantee over 40,000 automatic flushes, so you don’t have to worry about changing them often. Watch the full installation video here for all the details on how to integrate this clever electronic toilet flush into your home.


And if your WC configuration includes a concealed cistern, you can instead opt for a sensor toilet flush in the form of an electronic flushplate. These flushplates are installed onto the wall – in the same space as your normal flush plate, and come in a range of designs. In Roca’s collection of innovative systems, you’ll find two stylish electronic glass-finished operating plates: the black EP1 and the white EP2. Both feature adjustable lights in multiple colour options.

Whether you have a toilet with a cistern or a WC with a concealed cistern, let innovation bring ease and increased hygiene to your bathroom. With Roca’s electronic toilet flush mechanisms you’ll upgrade your space in minutes!