Eliptico bath, a cast iron freestanding bath

A bath to invigorate the senses.

Find the perfect temperature. Add a dose of your favourite scented bath oil or salt. Slowly slip into the warm water and let your senses drift into another dimension. The simple sensations of a relaxing bath will take you far away from the fast pace of our everyday lives, to a place where time stands still and everything else dissolves. Reminiscent of yesteryear, Eliptico is much more than just a bath, it is the gateway to a unique and tranquil experience.


With elegance and personality, every detail counts in Roca’s Eliptico cast iron freestanding bath. Aside from the classical silhouette, which will instantly add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, the Eliptico bath will also help lengthen your relaxing moments. Due to its thermal insulation capacity, cast iron keeps the water temperature stable for longer, allowing us to extend our bath time in a more sustainable way.

Eliptico Bath


Thanks to the qualities of cast iron, bathing in an Eliptico bath is also a peaceful experience. As they absorb the sound waves, cast iron baths are quieter, with the impact of water being softened. This allows us to focus on the book we’re reading or tune in to the soft sounds of the music playing, as we sink a bit deeper into our personal bathing experience.

Eliptico Bath


Along with its elegance and charisma, the Eliptico freestanding cast iron bath is extraordinarily  durable. Its delicate, classic beauty contrasts with its strength and longevity. Due to its robust, high-quality enamel finish, it is not only impact resistant, but can also withstand harsh chemicals and UV light.

Eliptico Bath