Explore how you can create the bathroom of your dreams with Surfex®

Freestanding baths and wash basins in a revolutionary composite material combining organic minerals and resins, exclusive to Roca

Roca’s commitment to innovation and design has led to the creation of Surfex® which is a revolutionary material, made from a combination of organic minerals and resins. Surfex® is an exclusive formulation to Roca and is changing the way we design our bathrooms. It’s now possible to create curves, straight lines and super defined angles with no joints thanks to a compound that enables us to develop designs that up until now we could only imagine. From beautiful freestanding baths to wash basins and shelves, the possibilities are endless.


Imagine being able to create the bathroom you have always dreamt of and where there are no limits to your creativity. The Modo collection is contemporary and customisable, giving you the freedom to design your bathroom to fit in with your lifestyle.

Design the Modo wash basins by choosing your desired bowl shape, basin length and taphole position. The basin widths range from 580 to 2800mm and can be made-to-order to fit your exact requirements. The Surfex® formulation of minerals and resins gives products a delicate, soft matt texture that feels luxurious to the touch.


If storage is important to you, then you can still enjoy all the benefits of Surfex® wash basins combined with the furniture solutions in the Beyond collection. The furniture perfectly complements the soft, matt texture of the wash basins, and can be finished in Gloss White and textured City Oak. Available in sizes from 1000 to 1800mm.


The properties of Surfex® make it an ideal material to use for bathtubs. Its special composition makes it possible to maintain the temperature of the water for longer, thus no longer needing to keep topping up the bath, saving both water and energy. Its slip resistant properties give you peace of mind when manoeuvring in and out, it is also very resistant to chemical agents and UV light.


Freestanding baths in a bathroom or bedroom can transform the space and create the perfect focal point. The Alena bath is iconic with its effortless curves and slender lines. It is also compact in its design measuring a modest 1590 x 785mm, providing a stand alone option where space may be at a premium.


The freestanding baths in the Modo collection are minimalist and striking with impeccable straight lines made possible with Surfex®; it’s a highlight in every bathroom. The optional integrated storage offers additional space for towels or toiletries. Consisting of a shelf and a spacious drawer, it’s ideal for those bathing essentials. The Modo freestanding baths are available in three sizes, 1800 x 800mm, 1900 x 900mm and 2000 x 1000mm and you can choose your taphole and storage configurations to give you the ultimate bathing experience.


Curvaceous and sophisticated, unwind in one of the beautiful Beyond freestanding baths. The oval design combined with the Surfex® formulation of minerals and resins, gives the bath a delicate, soft matt texture that feels so luxurious. Available with or without a tap ledge, the larger of the two baths measures 1846 x 937mm and the more compact version measures 1600 x 750mm.

The innovation of Surfex® allows you to introduce a delicate, soft matt texture into the bathroom that is warm and extremely pleasant to touch.