Find the Best Thermostatic System for your Bath and Shower

With our lifestyles so busy and complex, it’s important to create a home that promotes ease of use and convenience, especially when it comes to the bathroom.

Often we don’t really pay attention to the time and energy wasted on mundane day-to-day tasks… One of these is our daily shower routine. Calibrating the faucets and getting the right temperature from the water flow can be a bit of an artform BUT… not with a thermostatic option!

Thermostatic faucet by Roca

When it comes to innovative and practical products which make our domestic lives more convenient, there is an increasing drive towards sustainability. Eco-friendly thermostatic brassware – bath mixers and showers – have revolutionised bathrooms. You no longer have to keep the water running while adjusting the temperature, giving you perfect control and saving water at the same time!

With a thermostatic shower you can avoid the unpleasant surprise of hot and cold water bursts when someone else uses water elsewhere in the house thus making dramatic temperature changes a thing of the past.

The thermostatic shower system is made up of two controls designed to keep a stable water temperature. One of them regulates the water flow and the other allows selection of the desired temperature. Roca’s thermostatic showers also include a safety system, Security38, which prevents the temperature from exceeding the default 38ºC accidentally. This helps to avoid scalding and provides for additional energy savings from running the right temperature shower from the start rather than hotter and then reducing the temperature.. Available in a wide range of models, Roca thermostatic brassware is also designed for all metal parts to stay cool on the outside, protecting against the possibility of burns when touching the fittings.

Thermostatic faucet by Roca

Taking a shower should be one of your most pleasurable moments of the day. Time is money, and water is a precious commodity. Thermostatic brassware will help you save both.

Thermostatic faucet by Roca