FINECERAMIC® – A New Material Creating Durable Ceramic Basins

The design of bathrooms is changing like never before.

Harmoniously combining all the elements of a room into an overall ensemble is often the goal of anyone working on a design scheme. Achieving that stylish, impeccably coordinated look is no easy task – it requires pieces with subtle shapes, elegance, and lightness, to work together as a whole.


Resistant basin made with Fineceramic® by Roca

The commitment to research and innovation has led Roca to create a new compact material for ceramic bathroom basins, with extraordinary lightness and performance. A technology that allows sophisticated design details and shapes which were previously unimaginable in standard ceramics, Fineceramic® has transformed the possibilities of bathroom design without compromising on durability.


The addition of the mineral corundum to the basic ceramic mixture has resulted in a material that is exceptionally hard, with up to 30% greater tensile strength compared to most standard fired ceramics. Due to the increased strength, it is possible to create very delicate, thin-walled shapes (only 5 mm thick!) with soft and uniform internal surfaces – turning ceramic basins into sculptural pieces.

Resistant basin made with Fineceramic® by Roca


Thanks to the thin walls of the basin, the overall weight is reduced, as much less raw material is used. Combining lightness and strength, Fineceramic® enables us to create products that are 40% lighter whilst retaining the benefits of using a material which is 100% ceramic.

Resistant basin made with Fineceramic® by Roca


Perhaps the most important piece in a bathroom design, the basin also has to endure intensive use in our everyday life. The durability and smoothness of Fineceramic® make their surface resistant to abrasive cleaning products, hygienic and very easy to maintain and clean – perfect for a busy, yet stylish, bathroom.

Resistant basin made with Fineceramic® by Roca