Geometry in the Bathroom

Bring in bold lines and angular shapes for a dynamic bathroom space

Incorporating geometric lines, forms and shapes into the bathroom is a modern and innovative design approach that can transform an everyday space into a visually captivating haven. The use of these angular elements in bathroom design adds a sense of order, symmetry, and sophistication, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that goes beyond mere functionality.

One of the key aspects that make this design trend interesting is its ability to introduce a dynamic visual element into a space that is often-times smaller than other rooms. Geometric lines can be applied to various elements such as basins, faucets, baths, and even accessories, providing a sense of movement and energy within the room. For example, the Horizon furniture collection adds a linear look to the bathroom space through its fretted wooden surface that is all about style, texture and warmth. Along with the furniture unit, the Horizon basin, with its three intersecting rectilinear forms, is a great example of bringing this style to the bathroom and creating a compelling look.


(Pictured: Over countertop Horizon basin)

Geometric lines can be applied to various bathroom elements

Shape also plays a crucial role in establishing a contemporary and cohesive design language. A mix of clean lines, sharp angles, and symmetrical patterns creates a harmonious balance that can be both visually stimulating and calming. This balance is particularly important in the bathroom space, where functionality and aesthetics need to coexist seamlessly. Square toilets are a great way to bring in an unexpected geometric style. The Inspira square toilet comes in a variety of finishes including the bold and exciting look of coffee, onyx, and beige tones. This can transform an essential bathroom fixture into a statement piece. If you have a smaller bathroom, you may want to consider faucets from Cala collection for both basins and showers. These faucets have strong angular lines and an attractive square form.

(Pictured: Cala S-Size faucet and Inspira Fineceramic® basin in matt white)

Cala faucets have strong angular lines and an attractive square form

Geometric elements, whether it’s a hexagonal tile pattern on the floor, a rectangular mirror or angular shelves, create a visual rhythm that adds interest and depth to the bathroom. Accessories, like those in the Ona collection, also add important details. The tray features multiple square and rectangular pieces for soap, storage or other purposes, adding style to the counter space.

(Pictured: Ona collection complements: over countertop tumbler, over countertop soap dispenser, container, tray in sand grey finish)

Geometric elements create a visual rhythm that adds interest and depth to the bathroom”

Geometric shapes offer versatility in bathroom design, accommodating various styles from minimalist to eclectic. For a minimalist look, consider subtle geometric patterns on shower tiles or a sleek rectangular basin or bathtub from the Ona collection, to introduce a touch of modernity without overwhelming the space. Alternatively, for an avant-garde or eclectic bathroom, you can make bold choices, choosing patterned wallpaper with intricate shapes or a distinctive bathtub, like the rectangular Vythos bath collection, to create a compelling visual statement.

(Pictured: Vythos acrylic single rectangular bath)

Geometric shapes offer versatility in bathroom design

Incorporating geometric lines and shapes can enhance the perception of space in a bathroom. Strategic placement of lines, including vertical lines in wall tiles or a linear vanity design, can draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of height and spaciousness. This is particularly useful in smaller bathrooms.


(Pictured: Mini Pro in western oak finish)

Using angular lines and shapes in the bathroom is a dynamic design strategy that elevates the aesthetic appeal of the space. Whether through furniture, basins, toilets or accessories, these elements bring order, visual interest, and a modern edge to the bathroom, making it a unique and inviting retreat.