How to pick the right bathroom accessories

From toilet roll holders and towel rails, to bathroom shelves, here’s our guide on how to pick the perfect bathroom accessories for your space

It’s the little details in a room that really make it shine, highlighting the areas you’ve so carefully chosen to work for you. Paying attention to the details and choosing the right bathroom accessories to complement your space will give your bathroom the perfect finish.

What style are you looking for?

It’s so important to take into account the style of the rest of your bathroom when choosing bathroom accessories, so that it enhances the scheme you’ve chosen. If you’re looking to achieve a high-end, luxurious feel, consider Roca’s Hotel’s 2.0 collection of bathroom accessories, with sleek toilet roll holders, streamlined towel rails, curved bathroom shelves and a wall-mounted magnifying mirror. All designed to give you that hotel feel, but with all your home comforts. You might want something very modern, choosing contemporary shapes and finishes to complete your bathroom – Roca’s Record collection would suit an up-to-date look. If your style is much more homely and traditional, something like Carmen would complement your bathroom, featuring vintage-style, polished wall-mounted accessories.

Would you prefer a certain kind of installation?

Another thing to consider is how you want your accessories to be installed – will you want them free-standing or attached to the wall? And would you prefer them to be screwed to the wall or stuck on? Adhesive is a great choice for renters, or for those not keen on DIY, saving time and offering more flexibility. The Twin and Victoria collections from Roca can be attached with adhesive, including bathroom shelves, toilet roll holders and towel rails. Wall-mounted accessories free up space on countertops, keeping your bathroom looking clutter-free, while free-standing accessories, like those from the Ona collection offer more flexibility as your daily needs change.

Are you keen to stay on-trend?

Coloured accessories can add a wow factor to your scheme, while looking stylish and modern. Perhaps in Matt Grey, or Matt Green like the free-standing Med-inspired bathroom accessories from Roca’s Ona collection. Or an eye-catching injection of Titanium Black from the Tempo range, with its choice of bathroom shelves, towel rails and toilet roll holders.


Whatever accessories you decide to choose, picking something that’s made to last will ensure you can keep your new suite looking fresher for longer. Buying something durable that won’t need to be replaced frequently will not only save you money in the future but also reduce waste.