City life can be very exciting and vibrant, but it also means possibly living in smaller homes with smaller bathrooms.

Having space constraints however, can sometimes be the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run free and unleash your creativity. Here are Roca’s ideas and tips for small bathrooms – expert advice on how to overcome this battle with ease!


Debba vanity basin

There is a wide variety of styles and dimensions available. Some of them come in a compact version, ideal for narrow or elongated bathrooms that require furniture with a reduced depth to maximise the space.

Inspira auxiliary unit

In addition to compact furniture, you also have the choice of independent auxiliary units for extra storage. Due to their reduced dimensions, they may fit into any available space under the basin, beside a radiator, under a window or just about anywhere! Some of the models also have optional legs if needed.

Luna mirror cabinet

Another great solution for small bathrooms are the cabinet mirrors. With a minimum depth, they allow you to store all of your toiletries and free up the space around the basin and off the floor. Useful storage and a much needed mirror all in one practical solution!


Meridian wall-hung toilet and bidet

With smaller bathrooms, not only do we need to maximise use of the space, we also need to give the illusion of extra space. Therefore, wall-hung toilets are a great option in this case. In this type of installation, the cistern is built into the wall, discretely concealed behind the operating plate. With the floor clear and uninterrupted of objects, it is not only easier to clean but also creates the impression of a larger floor area, giving you a more minimalist and seamless look, while adding an elegant and modern touch to your bathroom.

Meridian In-Tank by Roca

Another great space saving option without having to do any major renovation work may be to choose a toilet with an integrated tank, such as the revolutionary Roca In-Tank. This option is an innovative solution that does not require any cistern, neither built-in nor conventional, as it is already incorporated into the china body of the toilet pan itself! This is a unique solution in the market and can be quite cost effective if you consider the labour saved in building out any stud walls to house and hide a standard concealed cistern or frame.

W+W by Roca

An eco-friendly solution is the Roca W+W. An exclusive, unique design that integrates a basin and WC in one single piece. Apart from saving space, this model also ticks the sustainability box as it filters the water from the basin and reuses it in the WC. As the cistern is under the basin and to the side of the WC this toilet only projects 500mm into the room and as the basin is cleverly deeper projection than it is wide, the total width of the W+W is only 860mm wide – perfect for a small and eco-friendly bathroom!