Ideas to Colour your Bathroom

Van Gogh´s intense brushstrokes, Picasso´s blues, Mondrian´s primary force…

The soul of every artist is captured in a colour palette. Because the bathroom does not need to be a boring and monochrome space, we invite you to play with colours, with textures and shapes to create daring spaces in which tiles, toilets, shower trays or baths suggest everything you and your home have to tell.

Stonex® shower trays

Let’s start with the shower trays. Made up of resins and minerals, the superslim shower trays manufactured in Stonex® are available in different natural hues such as white, cream or slate, among others. They also offer a textured finish that provides an excellent anti-slip property and they may be cut to the exact dimension of the shower space.

Slate finish
Black finish
Cement finish
Off white finish
White finish
Cream finish

Khroma toilet and bidet

Who said that toilet and bidets could not be coloured? The creativity of the designer Erwin Leo Himmel and the palette of Vincent Gregoire, creative director of the renowned French agency Nelly, join in the Khroma collection of basins, toilets and bidets, a commitment to intense colours with the goal of filling the bathroom space with joy.

Khroma toilet and bidet

Eliptico bath

Finally, for those who wish to add a touch of colour to their bath, the Eliptico model with a retro inspiration, is available in different finishes that can be combined with various models of chromed or wooden feet. Manufactured in cast iron, this piece will let you create an elegant space.

Eliptico bath by Roca