Improve your morning routine with some simple bathroom upgrades

Vanity units and a bathroom mirror with lights, are just a couple of ways to make your morning run more smoothly

Upgrade your bathroom, with just a couple of simple steps, to make everyone’s morning run far more efficiently. Locating what you need is key to getting out of the house on time, and that’s no different in the bathroom. Vanity units are the ideal space to house all of your everyday essentials such as face creams, razors and makeup. And a good mirror, with suitable lighting, such as an LED bathroom mirror or a magnifying mirror, can ensure you leave the house looking respectable. A bathroom mirror with lights is especially important in the colder months, when it’s still dark outside when you get out of bed.

Consider an LED bathroom mirror

Harsh overhead lighting is not ideal for seeing a true reflection of what you look like, and can cast unflattering shadows and distort the colour of your makeup for example. Even those lucky enough to have a bathroom flooded with natural light during the day, will still struggle on winter mornings when daylight is scarce or when getting ready for an evening out, which is where an LED bathroom light can become indispensable.

An LED bathroom mirror is essential for making sure you can clearly see your face. Similar to ring lighting, these mirrors provide soft, direct lighting that illuminates your face with warm colour, closer to the natural light outside.

(Pictured: Roca’s Luna Ambient round mirror with perimeter LED lighting)

Use a mirror with a demister in a steamy bathroom

There’s nothing worse than going to use the bathroom mirror, to discover it’s been left steamy and you can’t see clearly – not ideal when you’re strapped for time. A mirror with a demister is a great bathroom hack that can save time, and face, in the morning. These mirrors have built-in demisters that prevent steam from building up on the surface, meaning they stay crystal-clear no matter the situation.

(Pictured: Mirror with LED lighting and demister, from Roca’s Prisma Comfort collection)

See more clearly with a magnifying mirror

Mirrors do a wonderful job of showing you what you look like, from straight on. Although, this isn’t always enough. A wall-mounted mirror that you can angle can give you the extra view you need to make sure you’re looking your best from all sides. A magnifying mirror can go a step further and can give a zoomed-in view, making sure you can see all details of your face. A magnifying mirror is a must if you need to look at something more closely, or you need to take your glasses off to do your makeup.

(Pictured: Wall-mounted magnifying mirror from Roca’s Hotels collection)

Opt for a bathroom mirror with lights overhead

If you want to enhance your lighting but don’t want to change your mirror or mirrored cabinet, attaching a bathroom mirror with lights is a great option. These lights give the benefits of a spot light, but can be attached to an existing mirror retrospectively.

(Pictured: Roca’s Starlight LED spotlight)

Invest in vanity units

Vanity units are a great way to maximise space in the compact bathrooms found in most modern homes, keeping all your everyday essentials close at hand. Their built-in drawers are an organisational dream, meaning even those of us with a hoard of products can find a place to store them neatly. Adding inserts to vanity units is an additional way to keep even tiny items in order. Teamed with a bathroom mirror with lights above, you have the perfect ensemble for your morning routine.

 (Pictured: Unik vanity unit in Matt Green finish with two drawers and basin, from Roca’s Ona collection)

With just a few inexpensive changes, like a magnifying mirror and an LED bathroom mirror, and of course organised vanity units, you can make a huge difference to your morning routine, giving you no excuses for getting out of the door on time!